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Agent Justin Dean Michaels*                                                                                     Caucasian ~ DOB August 29
Justin is in his mid-forties and is a native of Colorado. He received his education in the military and was a MP in the Marines. He began his career in law
enforcement with the Denver Police department as a uniform patrolman and then spent twelve years as a homicide detective. Making a career move, he became
a State Police investigator for eight years before applying for a position with MCAT.
His off-time activities revolve around his family. His wife's names is Beth, and they have three  children. He does enjoy hunting and playing pool.
*Aliases~ Billy Ray Hackett
Agent Kelli Larabee Coulter*                                                                     Caucasian ~ DOB July 15
Kelli is a weapons specialist and has a degree in criminology/criminal justice from the University of Texas. She started her career in the New Orleans PD. Then she
moved back to State of Texas. She worked for the Governor's office on a State Criminal Task Force, and Kelli has also participated in joint operations with the DEA on
both overt and covert assignments. Fluent in Spanish, she has a working knowledge of several languages.
Born in Abilene Texas, she is in her mid-twenties. Kelli is married to Vin Tanner and together they have adopted two children, Jason and Andi, and become the
parents of twin boys. She loves Tex-Mex and junk food, hates veggies, cooks some but not fancy.( leaves that to Vin). She loves horses, children, music, and dancing as
well as going barefoot and old weapons. History is her favorite subject, especially about the old west and native legends.
*Aliases ~Blaze Butler ~Gina Danvers
Agent Raphael Emanuel Cordova                                                                                  Hispanic ~ DOB September 9
Raphael Cordova was with the DEA fifteen years, a former Marine pilot, and veteran of Desert Storm. He learned to fly from his dad and soloed at the age of twelve. He can
fly anything that has wings and is the primary helicopter pilot for MCAT. As an experienced investigator, he has done extensive undercover work , speaks several
languages, and has been responsible for training rookies with the DEA.*
Cordova is in his mid-forties and was born in New Mexico. He has two daughters that he raised as a single father after his wife died of cancer fourteen years ago. Selina is
in her mid-twenties and was with the police force here in Denver until she was accepted as a rookie with MCAT. Alicia is the baby of the family, married and lives in
Boulder, with her husband and one-year old daughter.
He trained Agent Kelli Coulter when she worked with the DEA, and sometimes refers to her as Blaze.*Most recently he was under as Creed Cortez.
Agent Mark Allen Westin                                                                                                    Caucasian ~ DOB June 10
Mark finished second in his class at the academy, worked LAPD two years and he then applied for CHP and was accepted for motorcycle patrol.  He is smart,
eager, and has a good record. He applied to be a federal agent when he heard rumors that the MCAT unit was forming. Mark finished his training at Quantico in
the top one percent of his class. He has the potential to be an exceptional agent and made the decision to work with explosives, training under Buck
Wilmington. His partner is a two year old German shepherd explosive sniffing dog named
Westin is in his mid-twenties and was born in Oregon. He is the oldest of five children and moved to California to attend collage. He is single, active in sports,
and love to ride his motorcycle every chance he gets.
Agent Alex Enrique Sandoval                                                                                           Hispanic ~ DOB ~ June 28
Alex came to MCAT after six years as an FBI Agent. He began his career in The Miami Police department after attending Florida State university and receiving a
passion for riding motorcycle. He is currently single and a native of Florida.
Killed in the line of duty
CASSIE  Agent Pamela Gayle Walton                                                                                         Native American~ DOB January 18
After earning a masters degree in computer science at the University of Arizona she went directly from school to working for the State Police She is a computer genius
and has recently done programming for the Justice Department. She set up a new system to stop information leaks in the witness protection program.  
Pam is a Native American in her early thirties. She was born in a poor community on an Indian Reservation in Arizona and has eight siblings.
One if her teachers was knowledgeable about computers and when Pam had a problem he showed he how to fix it, she caught on quickly and soon was tutoring other
student and writing her own programs. In high school she was the one to go to for questions about computers. She earned a scholarship and went to the University of
Arizona to major in Computer Science. Pam likes nice things, frills and lace. She had enough dirt and outside on the reservation. Has had only one serious relationship
that did not work out. She does however like to date and goes out often.
Agent Gregory James Ramsey ~Forensic Investigator                                    Caucasian ~DOB April 22
Greg is in his late thirties and was born in New York. Ramsey graduated from New York State with a master's degree in forensic science He began his career in
law enforcement in Dallas and was trained by Robert Metfield. When a job opportunity presented itself he moved back to his home city and worked for the New
York City police department for fifteen years.
An only child, Greg is divorced with no children. Work encompasses his life, but he is a movie buff and given the opportunity, he will rent the old classics and
hold his own movie marathon in his home.
Agent Katrina Elena Santos~ Forensics Investigator                                           Hispanic ~ DOB April 10
Santos knew she wanted to work in law enforcement, but also had a love for medicine and is a certified medic. Kat for short has light brown hair and brown
eyes. After leaving the State University, she trained and worked for the Taos Police Department for four years. The next four years, she worked with the DEA and
speaks Spanish and Cherokee.
Father killed in the line of duty. His partner adopted her at age nine and with her new family she gained five brother and four sisters. Katrina has never been
married,. She is outgoing, gets straight to the point and has a love for life. Loves horses and being outdoors, but likes the theater too. Katrina loves tangy and
spicy food. She has thought about medical school but does not want to give up law enforcement. Being a forensic special agent is the best of both worlds for her.
Dr. Robert (Bones) Metfield ~ Chief of Forensics & Medical examiner                           Caucasian DOB February 12
Dr. Metfield was the medical examiner of Tarrant County for twenty five years. He then became Chief Medical Examiner for a six county are including Amarillo
before Chris hired him to head up the Forensics department for MCAT .He is an experienced forensic investigator and has been responsible for training some of
the best investigators in the country.
Robert Metfield is in his early sixties and was born in Odessa Texas. The oldest of three, his two sisters are married and living in California and Florida. He
attended Baylor University medical school and completed his residency in Dallas. He was married to Norma for forty years, had two sons, Andrew and Ryan,
both working in the field of medicine. His wife died two years ago and he has remained single. Dr. Metfield is set in his ways, a bit on the stubborn side and loves
to fish.
Agent Mallory Anne Brennan- Sanchez                                                                           Irish~ DOB November 5

Military experience landed her a job with the Denver Police department before applying as an AFT Agent. She eventually became a team leader under the command
of Orrin Travis. Leaving the AFT after being offered a position on the new MCAT unit to have her son, she recently returned to work, but wanted to stay out of the
field.  She trained on CASSIE to become an important member of the MCAT team.
Her first husband was a man who was abusive, and she became a widow when he was killed in operation Desert Storm.  That experience led her to retirement, now
becoming a crisis counselor for abused women, and working with women's shelters.

Paul Roberts, African American, worked Atlanta Metro police departments with excellent records, 31 years old./divorced/no children. Paul was severely
injured in a racially motivated attack and has decided not to return to MCAT.

Ross Anderson, African American, Detroit Metro police departments, career until then focused on inner city crime, 34 years old. Married w/2children/one is a
girl. Ross lost a leg when the MCAT office was attacked with rocket propelled grenades. He has decided to leave law enforcement and work in the private sector.
Agent  Backgrounds
The MCAT AU was  created by Tannertexaslady.  Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Note:  I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.   
Selina Cordova resigned from MCAT to marry  a Navy Commander, and moved to Greece, where her husband is stationed.
Agent  Eugene 'Guy 'Saunders is a New York native in his late forties. DOB September 27. He was an officer in the Navy, and then joined the FBI.
An agent for twenty years, he was often at odds with Chris Larabee & Team 7. Impressed with the new MCAT, he applied for a rotation and
stayed.  Guy has impeccable taste in clothes, is divorced, and loves to sail. Native of  New York.
Killed in the line of duty
Agent Bradley David Garrison was born in Denver Colorado on January 1 and his lifelong dream was to be in law enforcement.   Seven years
with the DPD, he joined the MCAT task force investigating child trafficking. He applied for and was accepted as an MCAT team member.

Single, in his early thirties, Brad likes winter sports and off road racing.
Killed in the line of duty
Michael Langley
Former Agents
Weapons specialist. He’s thirty-six years old, a former marine, rates better than average marksmanship scores, early training was in Tulsa,
Oklahoma PD, and  he just completed two years with the ATF office in Dallas
Spencer Franklin ~Com/sat specialist. He's thirty two. Graduate of MIT, at eighteen and worked with the FBI as a computer tech for three
years before applying to MCAT. Native of Pennsylvania and single.
Betrayed MCAT/prison
Team Additions
Charlie Team
Ramirez "Ramon" Enrique Hunter
Caucasion/Mexican American.  Son of CO of MCAT San Antonio Charlie Team Commander, Teaspoon Hunter.  Brother-in-law of MCAT SAC / San Antiono, Samuel Cain.  32 yrs of
Age .  14 years of service /San Antonio Police Department .  For the past three years, he worked as a detective in Major Crimes.
*introduced in MCAT Evolutions- YR AU/ Transfered to Charlie Team/Texas
Russell Miles , 38 years-old,ame to MCAT through a  a case in Voices in the Wind.  He was undercover as Leo Neilson from the DOJ.  Former Marine. Now
assigned to Bravo Team he will be an asses to MCAT He is a native of Vrginia and single. Killed in Ties That bind.
Russell Miles