Jan @ Jan's Junction

I live in an area reminiscent of the Old West.  My home is located in a small town in the gold country of California nestled in the
foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Yosemite National Park.  

I first became involved in the Mag7 fandom while the series was still on the air.  As a fan of westerns my entire life I became excited
when I saw the ads for the show, a new western to watch.  After watching the pilot I was hooked on not just the show but the
characters and actors as well.  Vin has been my favorite since day one with Chris a close second.

The Posse became the first of many groups that I joined.  I  became a member of The Posse before the second season started but did
not read any fan fiction until after the series went off the air.  True to my  love of westerns, I read only OW stories at first.   
Eventually I started on ATF and  I am now "an avid reader because of the wonderfully talented writers in the fandom."  Of all the
different types of AU's  there are four that I enjoy reading the most, OW, ATF, MCAT, and Em7.  I now belong to approximately 60
Magnificent Seven themed groups.

Although I have never attended any official fan functions, I have met some of my sister fans and made friendships that are
important to me.  It wasn't until I was encouraged by one of my smaller groups, that I was willing to venture into writing.  At first it
was just a small part ,but the group's wonderful comments encouraged  me to continue writing.  I have shared several stories even
though I think I am a slow writer.  

Of my own stories, I have two favorites.  "Just the Two of Us" is the first story I shared, therefore it is very special to me  It is also the
first story in a series I  am still working on.  My other favorite is "For Your Smile".  This story was one I had running around in my
head for a long time before I finally wrote it.   I also plan to eventually develop a series around this story.
Bio: My name is Sue...how do you do! Okay.... I have two brats...er kids, a son 22, and a daughter, 18. I'm a Pharmacy Tech for a large
supermarket chain, more commonly known as Wal*Mart in the US. I had no hobbies as such, just watching rugby (my son plays) until
I turned on my TV one late, sleepless night and saw seven gorgeous men (JD in particular who totally captured my heart,) who
I'm from South Wales in the UK, a place called Risca which is close to Newport and Cardiff...the Welsh capital.

Favorite Au's: Even though I refused to read anything other than OW when I first discovered this fandom, I had a dream one night
and the guys were in ordinary clothes. I looked back at the stories and found ATF and couldn't get enough, so although I adore OW, I
now love ATF, Brothers Larabee, Little Britches, MCAT, RNLI and Las Vegas.

Favorite story: No chance...LOL Too many to chose from, and don't ask for authors, either...love SO many! My biggest regrets are some
stories are disappearing from the web...try and persuade people to archive at Blackraptor...they'll be safe there! And wonderful
writers going to other fandoms. I can safely say, when I can't write in M7 anymore...I'll hang up my quill!

How I started writing fan fiction: I spent a year reading stories...discovering the lists somewhere along the way. All my life I've been
called a dreamer. I would sit in class/church/while traveling...and 'make up' stories for my fave guys/programmes, in my
head...realized later, this is a sort of fanfic...but not on 'paper'. Loved the drabbles and wondered if I could write one. Phyllis, bless
her, gave me a nudge and I did...WAY over the 100 words...lol...but I got it out there. By the end of that week, I had written my very
first story...an ATF...I was so excited, and suddenly my brain was being attacked by, what I now understand are called 'plot bunnies',
and boy, were they rampant! I can't believe how many stories I've written and have loads in the pipeline...awesome... LOVE Mag
7...love all seven guys...and I adore my little man, JD.

My goals with writing: Okay...you got some time? LOL. To get JD the credit he deserves, to show others when portrayed as he should
be...he can be very fun and flexible. This is about seven men and, even though I and every writer have our favorites, I love the
interaction between the seven.

LB threw me, and the only new stories for JD were through the life of a five year old. While I adore LB, I wanted more for JD...I
wanted to see him in his 18-20s and getting whumped, and bantering, experiencing things that would shape a young man's life, with
men who would be there every step of the way...generally no longer relegated to the surveilance van, or packed off to a conference,
or vacationing with Casey. I wanted to show him as fun and 'real' and not the pain in the ass he's so often portrayed as...but a young
man who often makes mistakes...and knows it...but is willing to accept responsibility for it all, while looking up to six men who are
his life , his mentors...his heroes.

And as a five year old...I wanted to see the boys as equals, not read him as causing Vin to constantly sacrifice himself, Vin is strong
and proud and took care of JD until their luck changed...it wasn't a sacrifice, it was a choice, and my JD will always see Vin as his
hero. The original LB stories are all about the four, two men and their boys...and then their 'uncles'...that's my focus...two men
struggling to be a family...with two boys who love each other...as well as the men in their lives.
I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.   I grew up watching westerns on
TV and John Wayne at the movies.  We had horses around for as long as i can remember.  I loved writing in school, but real life
intervened after I graduated.  I  met my future husband when he bought a horse from my Dad. We married six weeks later, and will
celebrate 38 years together in October.  We have three kids and  seven grandchildren.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed writing
until a short time ago when I discovered Mag 7 fan fiction.  After working twenty years in management, I am home full-time again
and write every chance i get.

I missed seeing the series when it was on CBS and did not have an opportunity to watch it until it ran on Showtime last year.  I now
have the DVD's to enjoy and love the characters.  I discovered M7 fanfiction by accident. I was looking for current info on Eric Close,
which led me to Without a Trace  and a crossover story with ATF M7.  I was hooked.

For almost a year I read only.  Starting with every story on Blackraptor, except the OW.  Since I had not seen the series, it was
difficult for me to imagine 'my' ATF boys in the old west <G>  Then I joined a few groups and lurked, reading the posted stories.  
Suddenly I discovered Deirdre's work and Brigitta B's OW stories.  That was all it took.  I joined Vinfeedback, lurked a while, then
took the plunge with a short OW story I wrote and posted in the middle of the night.  The hardest thing I ever did was push
send...but the encouragement and support I received was  awesome.

Deirdre not only encouraged me, but helped edit  my first story,  teaching me and making 'What Evil men Wrought' a better story.  I
have had the pleasure of working with and learning from several authors I admire. I attempt to learn  something new everyday. My
goal is to entertain others, while writing what pleases me and my muse, who I have named Maude because she can be difficult at

I created the MCAT AU and have been having fun every since.  Some of my favorites Au's to read are: OW ~Winnie's The Firm'
~Phyllis' 'Brothers Larabee' ~ KT's 'The Runaways' ~ Mog's 'ATF' and the new Las Vegas Chronicles created by Sarah (aka Midnight

As a big fan of Eric Close, Vin is my favorite, closely followed by Ezra and Buck.

This website and my stories are my contributions to help keep the boys riding.

Magnificent Seven Forever
Meet the Authors
I first discovered fanfiction online in 1998 through an interest in The Young Riders fandom.  I have been a writer for most of my life,
but it's been within the last fifteen years or so that it's really taken over my life. I believe it is the talent that God gave me to develop in
any fashion that I possibly could and quite simply,  "I am a writer by heart, soul and have aspirations to one day make a living out of

I have several TYR stories posted on  Writers Ranch, http://writersranch.topcities.com/ and The Reading Room

The Magnificent Seven TV series had me hooked from the moment I saw the first episode.  I had two reasons for wanting to see the
show, Ron Perlman and seven good-looking cowboys.  Vin Tanner has always been my number one guy from the first moment I
watched the show. Chris Larabee is my second favorite.   "There was just something about the scruffy bounty hunter and the man
in black that drew me to them like a moth to a flame."  I do like all of the guys and love the way they banded together despite their
obvious differences to defend Four Corners.

Although I was a fan of the show, I had never actively searched for the Mag7 fandom, until I  became aware that there was one
through a crossover RPG that I participated in between The Young Riders / Mag 7 shows. I didn't really read any of it or even look
up any of the Mag 7 groups until much later.

It wasn't until 2004 that I finally began to read the fanfic and joined groups devoted to the seven.  I've never attended any fan
functions for MAg7, but I have met several friends, a few of those who've become close ones.  Not all of these friends were new,
since she had known a few through  The Young Riders fandom.

Most of my Mag7 and Young Riders stories can be found at http://www.tannertexaslady.com/Wendy.html.  I am a co-writer with
Tannertexaslady of several of the popular MCAT AU stories.  These are in the"Turbulent Transitions" and "Strength of Solidarity"
series.  I am also part of  a group of writers called 'Vin's Trio' with Tannertexaslady and Jan. We have written " a couple of stories
together called, "A Long Walk Home" and "A Reason to Celebrate."  

Some of my  favorite authors and stories in the Mag7 fandom are the MCAT series by Tannertexaslady, stories by Jan, Slarabee
Tanner, Winnie's The Firm AU,  Sue Morgan's, and too many more for her to name. In The Young Riders fandom, some of my
favorite authors are Nesciri, Miss Raye, Karen, and Aimee.

I run several groups including Myfavoritewesterntvshowsandmovies, TYRPonyexpress, Kaleidoscope Fiction, my
Favoritetvshowsandwritingdatabase, in addition to being in others which include Mag7Muse, ChrisLarabee, BlackandBuckskin,  
Seven Magnificent Children, Little ChrisLarabee, and to name a few.  I belong to way too many lists to name them all.
I live in the rural area of Virginia where I was born and raised, down near the Virginia and North Carolina state lines in a place call
Halifax with my husband Barry.  We met in May of 1979 and was married eleven months later on April 4, 1980.  We have chickens,
turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, 3 dogs and 7 cats. I love the every thing about the Old West and love the states of AZ, New Mexico and
especially the state of Texas.

I attended the Western Festival in Scottsdale, AZ in 2002 and met several old western stars like Peter Brown and Robert Fuller. My
home is decorated in Old West and Native American.  My den is decorated in Magnificent Seven and Eric Close who played Vin.  I fell
in love with Magnificent Seven when it was first aired on CBS and Vin has been my favorite since the beginning.  Found fanfiction
several years later and love to read about Vin.   I been making collages of the seven for many years now.  I took my first step into
writing with a little ficlet enhancement of the episode "Sins of the Past".  My favorite AU's are ATF, D&D, LB, LBD&D, MCAT, ST, Em7
and OW.

Thanks to Nancy @ Blackraptor