Beginnings Collection

Part 1 - Josiah’s Story - 1862

14-year-old Josiah Sanchez awoke to find himself sprawled in a pool of his own blood, upon his bedroom floor. He blinked against the bright light shining down
upon his head from beneath the curtains of the window directly above him. He closed his eyes again and tried to think past the Indian drums beating a staccato
in his head, and remember what had happened to cause him to be in such bad shape....
Part 2 - Nathan’s Story - 1862

Twelve-year-old Nathan Jackson grimaced as he stood in front of the makeshift operating table and handed surgical instruments to Dr. Elijah Sanderson, a
Confederate Army surgeon as he performed his fifth amputation in the past several hours. Bile rose up in Nathan’s throat and threatened to erupt from his
mouth, but he frantically choked it back. He would not do anything to embarrass Dr. Sanderson...

Part 3 - Buck’s Story - 1863

“Mae? Oh dear God, Mae!” Elsie Lee cried out as she spotted upon the battered, bloodied form of her friend Mae Wilmington in the mouth of the alleyway she
had been passing on her way back to the brothel she called home.

She kneeled by Mae’s crumpled form, her large eyes filling with tears as she took in the ripped and bloodied dress, the battered swollen face, and wonder if she
was already too late. With trembling hands she reached out and pressed a finger underneath Mae’s bloodied nose and felt relief fill her as air touched her finger.
Or was she just imagining things....
Part 4 - Chris’s Story -1863

Six months after Mae Wilmington died, and Buck moved into the Larabee household, Cindy Larabee contracted influenza. She had willingly agreed to aide the
local doctor in carrying for the townsfolk afflicted with the disease, never one to turn her back on someone else in need. That was after all why she had
befriended Mae Wilmington in the first place. She had seen their two sons playing together one day, and heard the rumors around town about Mae being a
‘working girl’. Instead of forbidding Chris to have anything to due with Buck because of his mother’s less than savory work, she had instead made it a point to
introduce herself to Mae. The two women soon became fast friends and from that day on, whenever Mae was ‘entertaining guests’, Buck would be spend most of
that time at the Larabee house with Chris....
Part 5-Vin’s Story-1864

Five-year-old Vin Tanner huddled in the doorway of a shop, shivering, as he sought to stay dry from the sudden downpour of rain. He held the lapels of his torn
and dirty coat together with his cold little hands, and scrunched his scrawny legs closer to his chest for added protection from the bitter weather.

Tears welled up in his cerulean blue eyes as he wished for about the hundredth time that day that his Ma was still alive and that she could hold him in her arms
again. He couldn’t even remember how many days it had been since she had died, and their landlord had thrown him out on the streets. He hadn’t even gotten
the chance to say goodbye to his Ma, or take anything of hers with him, except for his memories....
Part 6 - Ezra’s Story -1864

Nine-year-old Ezra Percival Standish listened fearfully at the door of his room, which wasn’t really a room at all, but a closet, for the comforting sounds of his
‘Uncle’ Seymour snoring. A low rumbling sound filled his ears and Ezra’s heart gave a hopeful lurch. If he played this just right, then he would escape his
tormentor and be free to live on his wits and the skills that his mother, Maude, had been training him since he was able to walk and talk. He slid the piece of wire
out of the sleeve of his tattered suit coat and inserted it into the lock of the door and began to jiggle it around, hoping to connect it just right with the locking
mechanism of the door so that it would unlock and he could escape....
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For the Larabees
Part 1-6
by Wendymypooh
Alternate AU
Alternate Universe "For the Larabees"
The idea for this au came from the “For The Roses” book written by Julia Garwood.