Chain of Seven
Story By Tannertexaslady

Poem written By Southernfrau--RIP

When ill winds blow and dark evil descends,
Into the midst of the storm, step seven friends.

Each in his own right, an awesome and powerful force,
Marching to their own drum, but on the same course.

Some say they're from hell, others think from heaven,
These magnificent men, that form a chain of seven.

They face down hate and injustice, while suffering the harms,
Secure in the knowledge and comfort, they're brothers in arms.

Their bonds aren't always visible, but the effects are still felt,
When they face down the wild storm and their justice is dealt.

Linked together by fate, destiny and an undying deep trust,
Time only strengthens the chain, it won't rattle, break or rust.

Friendship forged the links that make the chain so steadfast,
History will not weaken or separate it, it will endure until the last.
Collage by Tonny
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