I would like give a special thanks to the ladies who have helped make this happen. Wendy, thanks partner for all your support, but
most of all for your friendship. Jan, you have been there from the beginning and I appreciate you, my friend. Tonny, you helped with
your enthusiasm and honest feedback.  Appreciate it.  Sue, you are the best catcher I know and I'm proud to claim you as an honorary

Brigitta, thank you for Vinfeedback. You gave me a safe place to try my wings as a writer and  you  have continued to support my efforts.
To the ladies that have created a majority of the collages I have used on this website, LaraMee, Tonny, Jo, Teri ,Pie, and  Brigitta, I am in
awe of your talents. M7 Muse Ladies, I love y'all.

A special thank you to Bountyhunter'slady for the beautiful collages she has made for the MCAT series, and Vin's Trio.

For y'all who have visited, i hope you enjoyed our little corner of cyberspace. Thanks for taking the ride with me and the boys. I leave
you with some of my favorite pictures...Tannertexaslady
We appreciate y'all takin' the time to visit. Hope y'all enjoyed the journey and we'll see you soon. Miz
Teri, you done us proud with your collage.

Vin,  Buck, Chris, Ezra, JD, Josiah, and Nathan
The MCAT AU and the Legend Chronicles AU was created by Tannertexaslady. * Also the original characters,of MCAT,the Wild Bunch and the
Larabee 7 Ranch.
*MOG created the original Team 7,  and the ATF AU