Spooky Halloween Stories
by M7 Muse Ladies

                                Fear and Protection
by Wendy

In response to the Halloween Challenge:


Jason Tanner pressed his body against one corner of the living room wall in the Tanner residence, his blue eyes wide with growing fear as he heard
the unmistakable sound of footsteps approaching the front door. He had awakened a few moments earlier to use the restroom and get something
to drink. He had finished in the bathroom, and decided that instead of water, he wanted a sip of milk, the young boy had headed down the hallway
toward the kitchen.

No sooner had he reached the living room, than he had seen a shadow pass by one of the windows. Both his mom and dad were away on MCAT
business overnight, and Max and Walter were asleep, as well as his younger sister Andi, and twin brothers Trey and Bren. It was up to him to find
out who it was sneaking about their house, before he ran to the room Max and Walter shared when they had to stay overnight.

A gasp escaped his lips as he realized that whoever the intruder was, they were on the front porch now. He was so focused on watching the front
door, that he didn't hear anyone sneak up behind him, before a small hand reached out and touched his arm.

"Boo!" Andi said gleefully, watching in delight as her older brother jumped nearly a foot.

"That's not funny!" Jason exclaimed in a harsh whisper, his blue eyes flashing angrily at her.

Andi bit her bottom lip and great big tears formed on her cheeks. "I's sorry..."

"Ssh...it's alright.." Jason quickly said, grabbing her to him and holding her close as he turned her attention back onto the front door. The doorknob
began to turn and he quickly told Andi,"Run...go wake up Max and Walter."

Andi did as she was told and scampered off while Jason continued to eye the door. His heart pounded in his chest as the door opened and he
anxiously looked around for some kind of weapon to use to protect the people that he loved.  Just when he had decided to use one of the lamps as
a weapon, his mother's recognizable figure entered the darkened room.

With a cry of relief, Jason scampered across the living room. He threw himself at his mom and heard her and his dad let out surprised gasps. As his
mom held him close, his dad quickly turned on a light and both glanced down at him with worried looks. Questions came next, just as Walter
appeared in the hallway with a loaded weapon in his hand.

"Looks like you've got things under control. I'm going to go to bed now." Walter said, turning around and heading back to bed, leaving a perplexed
Vin and Kelli behind.

Jason quickly told them about his waking up to go to the bathroom and get a drink, then hearing footsteps and seeing shadows and his wanting to
protect the family. Vin and Kelli praised him for being brave, got him the sip of milk he wanted, and then tucked him back into bed, before going to
bed themselves.

The End

Great Minds
by Sue M


JD nodded as Vin handed him a beer.

"I feel so stupid," he sighed.

"Weren't your fault," Tanner winked.

"Buck would disagree with you there."

"It's traditional to dress up for a Halloween party, JD."

"Yeah…normally, so why did Travis change the plans?"

"I guess he had a second thought, that’s why he left messages."

"Missed ours, didn't we."

Vin chuckled, "Yup."

"Don't laugh, VIN…look at me…you lot in jeans and shirts and me dressed as Shaggy."

Tanner collapsed with laughter. After a long scowl, JD joined in.

"Still, at least you're not Buck…"

As the two youngest went into hysterics, from inside Travis' home Buck's voice rang out.

"Scooby Dooby Doo!"

The End

Things that go Bump in the Night
by Jan ~ MCAT ~ Halloween
A Halloween Nightmare
by Mary Ann

Stories from the following drabbles

By Sue M

Luck of the Draw




Comfort Zone

Josiah put down his book, turning to look as he heard the church door
creak open.


"John Daniel?"

"Can I uh…can I sit here…for a while?"

The preacher patted the pew and watched the youth sit. He smiled.

"Let me guess, Buck's telling tall tales again?"

JD shrugged. "They're all hooey anyway."

"That they are."

"I mean…'All Hallows Eve…don't mean nothing, right?"

"Oh, it does…but Buck loves to stretch the blanket."

JD laughed. "It *was* kinda hard to take seriously, though, when he
started with 'It was All Hallows Eve and so dry the bushes followed
the dogs around.'"



Myths and Legends

Just as the Halloween party at the Lifeboat Inn was warming up,
pagers had gone off and the boom sounded. Now the Saint Nicholas had
hit a fog bank which was not forecast, making sighting the missing
tanker impossible.

While JD checked their heading, Chris steered by instruments and the
others scanned the water with the searchlight. They suddenly yelled
out as something huge passed them, just missing the boat.

On their return the crew shakily retold their experience, 'Old Fred'
regaling them with the story of The Burnoss…a trawler lost at sea in
fog and never found…fifty years ago.



Buck O' Lantern

The boys were so excited to see a giant Jack O' Lantern sitting on
their porch. Holding Chris' hands, they walked up to it, studying it
with interest. Chris bent toward it.

"Good, huh?"

Beaming, the boys nodded, suddenly horrified as the pumpkin grew,
opened its mouth and swallowed half of Chris, burping as it 'chewed'.


The boys ran across the yard, screaming. Discarding its 'meal', Buck
O' Lantern stood and gave chase.

"Wait, boys…it's me!"

Despite fearing there would be tears and a tough night ahead, Chris
couldn't help laughing at the orange blob waddling across the yard.


AU/Brothers Larabee

A 'Wooden' Performance

Rosie's Halloween party was in full swing. Despite reservations, JD
lay in a 'coffin' near the restrooms to scare customers on their
return to the bar. Buck promised 'just for an hour' and Lord knows
why, JD agreed.

But he hadn't been able to lift the lid and JD was realizing he
needed help.

Buck watched, confused, as clients returned from the bathroom
unscathed, until one woman ran in screaming.

"The beer crate's asking for help!"

Racing in, the brothers found a crate of beers on top of the coffin.
Once removed, JD shot up, his heart racing.

"Holy shit!"



Graveyard Stake Out

"We have lift off!" Vin grinned

JD checked his own night glasses. "This is sick!"

"It's just a coffin full o' guns, JD."

"Be a shock if it wasn't, wouldn't it?"

"To who, us or them?"

"Both. I hope it's guns."

"So do they," Vin whispered.

"Should we call Chris…or Ghostbusters? " JD chuckled.


Both agents jumped, looking at Chris. "Don't *do* that!" they hissed.

"Guns out of the ground yet?" Chris asked.

"Just coming out now," JD answered.

"Everyone okay?" Nathan queried, joining them.

"Aaaahh…don't *do* that," the three agents whispered.

"This job gets crazier every day," JD sighed.




Tall Tales

"Lord your jumpy tonight boy, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Buck. Just being careful, is all." JD snapped back as he
looked around each dark corner and alley in the town.

"Halloween got you all jumpy, kid?"

"NO! No…I never believed that story anyway."

"Go, on." Buck encouraged.

JD whispered, "The one about the *really* tall cowboy that roams the
plains at Halloween, looking for victims."

"A *really* tall cowboy?" Buck snickered, "Aw kid…you read too many
of them novels."

Approaching the stables, a light from inside cast a long shadow of a
cowboy in front of them.

"Oh my God," They both cried.

Josiah stepped out, "Evenin' boys."

Buck clutched his chest…"I need a drink."




Chris sighed, "Not again." He climbed wearily out of bed and headed
for the boys' room.


The blond bumped into Buck as the two tired fathers met outside the


Buck nodded, "JD." He acknowledged.

Chris cuffed him across the head. "You had to do it, didn't you? You
had to tell ghost stories."

Rubbing his head Buck frowned, "But it was Halloween."

They gently pushed open the door and tried to peer through the darkness.
Just as the two men were completely inside, from behind the door two
floating apparitions appeared.

"Aaaarrrrggghhh! "

The two men fell to the floor. Chris hit the lamp and light revealed
two little boys holding sheet-covered brooms in the air.

They squealed with laughter, "Trick or Treat!"


AU2/Brothers Larabee


"How about this?" Nathan called.

"Bigger!" Buck answered.

"Bigger?" Chris questioned.

"Bigger," Buck repeated.

"But that one's as big as me!" JD argued.

"Now you got it!" Buck grinned.

"I am NOT gonna lie in a fake coffin," JD stated.

"Aw come on kid…it'll be a hoot!"

"No way…buy a skeleton!"

Buck squinted, "Hmmm…great idea, kid! Now you're in the spirit of

Chris squeezed JD's shoulder, "Buck loves Halloween night at

JD nodded, "Really I would never have guessed."

"We need blood!" Buck called.

"That can be arranged," JD smirked, toying with a mini guillotine.


Luck of the Draw (Double Drabble)
"I don't believe we pulled this tonight," JD grumped.

Ezra peered through his binoculars, "Halloween is not a holiday,
Mister Dunne, criminals still break the law, even tonight."

He jumped back in shock as JD's features appeared just in front of
his glasses.

"But a stake-out…."

Before Standish could admonish his partner, a noise from outside the
room they were using, drew their attention and they crept toward the

Guns drawn, they peered outside into the corridor, to see a young
woman beckoning them. Glancing at each other, they followed her into
a darkened room.

JD tried the switch…no light.

Staying close together they suddenly felt a blast of cold air as a
female voice whispered…

"You will both die on this All Hallows Eve."


Grabbing each other, they scrambled back out into the hallway, both
men pale.

"What the hell was that?" JD panted.

Suddenly all the lights in the building failed.

"Oh, dear Lord! JD take my arm and stay close."

Ezra couldn't see the nod, but he knew there had been one.

In the darkness the woman once more appeared before them glowing
blue as the building started to shake.

The floorboards below their feet creaked and split, sending both men
down into darkness and into the unknown.

The Big Chair
By Sue M

Scariest of All
by Kathy M
The Big Red Bird
by Melissa Clegg
Halloween Ghost Town
by Melissa Clegg
Is It Halloween?
by Mary Ann
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