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Daisy  Jonetta


Joanne Elise                                                 

Adam Josiah

Bren Jamison &
Trey  Mackenzie
Andria 'Andi' Nicole
Jason Cameron

Caleb Evan                                                                  
                                   Sarah Christina

Maria  Inesa               Tannis Rose

18 ~ Caitlyn Abigale Broderick  
20 ~ Isabella  Elana  Recillos                          
24~ Josiah & Mallory ~A

11~Rain Elizabeth Jackson
14~Inez & Buck  ~A   

7~ Jarrod John Bucklin (JJ) Dunne
12~ Nathan  Elias Jackson
28- Jesse Wayne Hunter Larabee                          

2~ Josiah Solomon Sanchez
8~ Barbara & Ezra ~A
21~ Brodie James Wyatt Tanner

7~ Kelli & Vin ~A
10~ Vincent Jamison Tanner
15~MCAT ~A
20~Adam Josiah Sanchez
25~Cody Christopher Larabee

3~ Grace Addison Larabee
7~ Ezra Prescott Standish
8~Inez Recilllos Wilmington
21~ Chris & Cait -A
30~Bucklin (Buck) Everett Wilmington
1~Caleb Evan Wilmington
7~Christopher Adam Larabee
7~Bren Jamison Tanner
Trey Mackenzie Tanner
15~Kelli Coulter Larabee-Tanner
22~John Daniel (JD) Dunne

1~Joanne Elise Sanchez
7~Isabella Danielle Wilmington
14~ Pearl Delaney Standish
30~Barbara Delaney Lindsey Standish

1 ~Reins of Change ~ A
8~Sarah Christina Wilmington
27~Jason Cameron Tanner

10~Ronesha Jewel Jackson
27~ Andria (Andi )Nicole Tanner

5~Mallory Anne Brennan-Sanchez
20~Terrell Nathanial Jackson
21 ~Lilah Rose Dunne
Daisy Jonetta Dunne

9~Tannis Rose Wilmington
9~Maxine & Walter Andrews~A
12~Maria Inesa Wilmington
28 ~ Rain & Nathan ~A
Wild Bunch Birthdays and
The MCAT & Legend Chronicles AU was  created by Tannertexaslady.  Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Note:  I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.   
Before moving on to MCAT, the original Team Seven worked together for seven years as Federal ATF Agents,
and formed a chosen family of brothers.  They also became business partners, establishing The Larabee 7
Horse Ranch.  It was set up to raise horses for profit,and  as a  business, which could secure a future for their
families.  The brothers and their families affectionately known, as the Wild Bunch, live, love their women, and
play with their kids on the L7.

Larabee 7 is a 7,200-acre shared ownership ranch in a pristine mountain valley located west of, and near
Denver, Colorado .  It has been largely unspoiled by development.  Under the loving care of the brothers it is
protected from further development, and shall remain an exclusive natural paradise.  A number of “common”
amenities exist for the owners including two miles of live trout stream fishery, a fishing pond, barn, corrals,
and equestrian facilities.  The land is conservation protected to preserve the integrity of the ranch as well as
the ecology habitat and aesthetic values of the property.

The ranch has been and will forever continue to be used for ranching and recreation purposes.  Chris, Vin,
Buck,  JD, and Nathan live on the  property.  Josiah and his family live on ten acres of connecting land.  Ezra and
Barbara live  on five acres adjacent to  L7, and  Reins of Change. Vin owns 80 acres, which also adjoins L7.

Walter Andrews is in charge of security for the M7. Numerous security features are included on Josiah's and
Ezra's property as well.

Take a look around, meet the families, and the other characters that reside on, or near the ranch. Learn more
about the kids, and take a peek at some of the highlights.
Jarrod John(JJ)

Cody Christopher & Grace Addision
Larabee 7
Jesse Wayne Hunter
Larabee 7 Ranch

Pearl  Delaney
Vin's first home is now the L7
office/Brodie's ranch quarters.
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