Lake Cabin

Chris became a widower over a decade ago when his first wife Sarah, and son Adam were killed. For years his work in law
enforcement and his six team members, turned  chosen brothers filled his life. He swore off becoming entangled in a
permanent relationship again, because of the pain and heartache which usually accompanied one. Until he met Linda
Dubois and hit the fast track to love again. They married, had two beautiful children and  then divorced.  Chris also
discovered a daughter he never knew he had, when Kelli Coulter Tanner found out he was her father.

Today he is the undisputed patriarch of the Wild Bunch. He is the custodial parent for daughter Grace and son, Cody. He also
maintains a great relationship with his daughter, Kelli, and is looking forward to a new future with Doctor Caitlyn
Broderick. They were married June 21, and adopted Jesse into their new family.

Chris is an experienced horseman and enjoys working with the yearlings on Larabee 7.  His hobbies, when time permits,
include woodworking, playing pool, and participating in any activity that involves his family.
Before MCAT was formed Vin was a single man and he reckoned he would stay that way. That was until the day he met his
soul mate in the form of his new MCAT team member, Kelli Coulter.  The Texan knew  fate had handed him his future.  He
set his sites on Kelli, declared his love for her, and they were married six weeks later.  Doctors told them Kelli would likely
never be able to have children.  They resigned themselves to being emergency care foster parents and did not expect to have
a family of their own.  Fate intervened and brought Jason and Andi Larabee into their lives.  With their Uncle Chris's
blessing, the Tanners adopted both children.  Fate intervened again when Barbara Lindsey recommended a specialist for
Kelli to see.  Less than a year later, after undergoing fertility treatments, Kelli was pregnant and recently gave birth to
identical twin boys, Bren and Trey.

The Tanners built a home on the ranch and live with their four children, an Australian Shepherd named Tracker, a raccoon
named Buttons,  horses named Peso, Dancer, Jason's Dreamer, Thor,  Dora, and Midnight, along with a menagerie of other
animals.  In addition to having a love of horses, Vin is an avid outdoors man, writes poetry, is an excellent photographer,
and talented artist.

Vin discovered that his father is alive, and Brodie Tanner is now residing close to his son in Colorado.
Buck Wilmington and Chris Larabee have known each other for over twenty years. They served together in the SEALS for
four years, and then worked together in the Denver Police Department.  Although they have always been close friends, it
wasn't until Team Seven was formed that their friendship became a brotherhood with the other five team members.  
Together the seven of them incorporated their interests in Larabee 7 and the Wild Bunch began to grow.  After pursuing
her for  what  to him seemed like forever, Buck married Inez Estephania Recillos and they built a home on ranch property.
Sarah was their firstborn, and she was soon followed by Maria.  When Inez was pregnant with their third daughter, Tannis,
they adopted a six year old boy named Caleb. Caleb's first horse is named Hercules. Baby Isabella is the latest addition to
their clan.

Most of Buck's time is split between his family and work, but when he does find a few hours of free time, he spends it
working on the restoration of a classic ford pick-up truck.

Inez's Aunt Isabella has moved from Mexico, to make her home with the Wilmington family.
Wilmimgton 'Castle'
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Family collages by Bountyhunter'slady
Linda Dubois married Chris Larabee on 2/18 and they had two children, Grace and Cody. They divorced in Resolutions and
she will make an occasional appearance in Series II/ Killed in an auto accident/ WOC.
Tanner  Retreat
Larabee 'Lions' Den'
The MCAT AU was  created by Tannertexaslady.  Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Note:  I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.   
Vin's first home is now the L7
office/Brodie's ranch quarters.
Rebecca  Tanner
Cait's parents
Donald & Lillian Kerr
Larabee 7       
Wild Bunch