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Denver Memorial Hospital
Dr. Marcus Gilford ~Chief of Surgery
Dr. Raymond Landers ~Trauma
Dr. Brian Allen
Dr. Susan Ryder OB/Gyn
Dr. Helen Weeks OB/Gyn
Fertility Specialist
Dr. Ellis James ~Hospital
Dr. Marie Quinlan ~Pediatrician
Flight for Life
Judy Mullins is not an agent. She is a data typist/ computer assistant in her early twenties. In her fourth  year with MCAT she now is
in a position to train additional assistants, and has been an important part of JD's CASSIE team.
Judy is single.  Recently she has taken the position of Administrative Assistant for the Bravo Unit
Suzanne Mills has been the Administrative Assistant to Director Travis for eight years. In her mid-thirties she has worked for the
government  for fourteen years.
Suzanne is single, and lives alone in an apartment located near midtown Denver.
Administrative and Medical

(Collaborative Analysis System for
Sensitive Information Engineering)
The MCAT AU was  created by Tannertexaslady. * Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Note:  I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.   
Drusilda “Gunny” Montgomery , sixty, is Administrative assistant to Commander Larabee and Captains Tanner and Wilmington. She
worked in the office of an elementary school for twenty five years. Moving to the Justice department as an Administrative supervisor
for five years, she was ready to retire when Orrin Travis offered her the administrative assistant position with MCAT. She was born
and raised in South Carolina, widowed with four grown sons and ten grandchildren and has lived in Colorado for thirty years. She has
one sister Maxine Rae Bowdrie- Andrews.
*MOG created the original Team 7,  and the ATF AU
Samuel Russo is a former FBI agent, who left the Bureau to take a job as a Federal Prosecutor in Chicago.  Appointed to
a Federal Judgeship, those in law enforcement circles referred to him as, *'Give 'em hell, Sam'*.  He retired from the
bench a few years ago, and since then had written several books about crime, criminals, and law enforcement in
America.   When Orrin Travis sought out his help to fill the position of Assistant Deputy Director of MCAT...he actively  
pursued the position.  Divorced twice, and now single, in his early fifties, Sam is dedicated to the justice system in this
country, and is the author of several best-selling books.
Christopher Adam Larabee, DOB July 7, is in his mid-forties, and is the older of two boys. His  brother, John Andrew aka Jack, and,
parents Clint and Clarice Larabee are deceased. Chris graduated at the top of his class and excelled in sports. After one year of local
college he joined the Navy to finish his education, earning a degree in Criminal Justice. He applied, and was  accepted to the SEALS,
serving as an Navy officer for ten years. During that time he participated in numerous black op assignments, earning the Navy Cross
and two silver Stars, and was honorably discharged. His law enforcement career began with the DPD and he partnered with Navy
Seal teammate, Buck Wilmington in homicide, during which time he received countless citations for service above and beyond.
When his wife Sarah and son Adam were killed he quit the DPD, grieved for over a year, and then received an offer to join the ATF.
Eventually he gained his own command of  ATF Regional Mobile Enforcement Team Seven, then after seven years he was offered and
accepted  the position of MCAT Commander.
* Recent Alias ~ Adam Carmichael
DOB ~ November 19
Orrin W.Travis  began his career in law enforcement as a federal agent. He became a lawyer, a state, and then Federal
Judge, before  he was recruited for the position of Assistant Director in charge of the ATF field office in Denver,
Colorado. After the events of September 2001, federal law enforcement started to change. Old priorities gave way to
new challenges, and better ways to meet them. When Team Seven was disbanded, Orrin was tapped as Director of the
new Major Crimes and Act of Terrorism Unit developed after 9-11.
MCAT began as an agency under the direction of the Justice department, but has since become an independent unit
under the authority of Director Travis. While MCAT still handles major crime cases, their focus is on thwarting
terrorism, both foreign and domestic.

Orin has been married to his wife, Evie, for forty-two years.