Vin's Poetry
*including Mature Reader Versions
Collages by Sue M
by Sue M
"I watch you as you lay there, your body opens to me,
Your eyes afire, callin' me home, your soft, sweet warmth surrounds me.
Two bodies take a journey, our vessels intertwinin',
To ride the storms and weather fair, to kiss your lips and smell your hair
And cry to God as fires ignite, while prayin' we can keep this night.

And then I hold you closely, your thunderous heartbeat slowin'.
To see such love shine from your eyes, the bluest blue, to match the skies.
As all of me is one with you in what we share and all we do.
And know this voyage is but one of plans we have, ‘til journey done.

Your whispers softly to me, stir up my fervent longin'.
Remindin' me that of this night, I want you all, I want this right.
And show you how each sunrise, is like when we’re together.
A spectacle of warmth and hue, a fiery star that glows like you.

Another high crescendo, just as the dawn emerges.
The orange tinge that heralds morn, our souls entwined, our love reborn.
This date is marked as ours, its memory empowerin'.
A celebration of our love, of bands exchanged and vows betrothed.

Our passions chase the sunrise, to race it to its glory,
Rejoicin' in an ancient rite that greets the day and sheds the night.
A swirl of stars and colors fly and we embrace and softly sigh.
This wondrous day begins together, our love unbroken, safe forever."
My arms were made to hold you,
My lips are only yours to taste,
My eyes to gaze upon your face.
My heart is yours for takin',
To fill with love, or breakin'.
For no one else compares to you,
In all you are and all you do.
Without you I am broken,
Within you I am soarin',
My mate for life, I so love you,
Our souls entwined, forever true.
All that I am, I give to thee,
As one for all eternity.
by Sue M

"This band of platinum I give you, complete in
its creation.
No join.  Seamless, continuous, perfect, as are
you, to me.
This I give to you as a token of my adoration.
For you to know, my body worships you
And that, my mind embraces you.
My words are from the heart,
My love is from the soul.
I am yours, for all eternity."
My Pledge
by Sue M

“You are the air I breathe, my sustenance, my cause to live.

Without you, I am but a husk, chaff driftin' on a bitter
wind.  Lost.


My body aches to be as one with you and worships yours
with passion raw.

You are my rock, my life companion, my providence.
In you, I see our past, our present, and our future,
And know that I am truly blessed.

With love eternal, I pledge this vow to you, my love.
To live with you, to die for you, to lay with you, to cherish

To offer everythin' I am to you, until the end of time."

I see you at the window, your curiosity excites me,
I lift my saddle to my hip as I move,
Obscurin' your gaze from where it likes to rest.
I sense your frustration,
And I smile as I walk toward you,
Long leather-clad strides teasin' you, callin' you.
Our eyes meet and I see the love.
I turn to reveal all…and I see the need.
And the promise of things to come.
This Love… by Sue M
Eyes wide open…
Arms wide open…
Heart wide open…
One Mind.
One Soul.
One Love.
My Love.
This love.
All yours.
Home by Tannertexaslady

Down the road of life's journey that we walk together,
the roof of our love, houses the home for our souls.  

We shall never be tethered to a solid foundation and
need only the strength of our memories on which to

Permanent walls will not anchor us, but provide a mast
to guide our spirits through the unlocked doorway of
our hearts.  

Our bodies may dwell in many places, but our eyes are
open windows, invitin' our desires to enter with the
mornin' light.  

While passion slips in the keyhole with the silences of
the night, transportin' us across the winds of time.  

The past will sleep, while destiny's path awaits our

My smile widens when I see you.
The room feels warm as candles flicker, their flames reflectin' in your eyes.
You steal my breath, a vision in satin, curves accentuated, nipples proud.
My hand rests on your hip, and I sigh.
The coolness beneath, a contrast to the fire buildin' within me.
You breathe my name. My senses tingle and I yearn to touch flesh.
Sapphire eyes urge me on, my hands grip and tear, and there you stand,
Naked, edible, beautiful and…mine.
Your taste, your smell, consumes me and I know,
This night, spirits will soar and our hearts will command.
This night with love, we will become as one.
This night with passion raw, will be for us.
This night…has only just begun.
I am at one with nature when I'm with you,
And smell your hair and run my fingers through it,
I seek a place where we can be alone.
To lay you down and drape myself around you,
While takin' in your beauty as you smile,
To feel your body movin' close against me,
And hold that precious moment for a while.
The taste of tender lips fire sparks inside me,
You make me ache and fill my heart with passion,
And want to move and be as one with you.
The taste of you sends all my senses reelin',
Your whispered sighs are music made from love,
Your touch sends fiery needles through my body,
Perfection sent to me from Heaven above.
We move as one and fire builds within me,
Our bodies arch, touch, shudder, tense, and glide,
As lights explode and we are one and sated,
I have no words, my love I cannot hide.
That moment as we lie as one together,
Our heavin' bodies glistening like the dew,
My words return and let me softly whisper,
My sweet woman, I am so in love with you.

My heated skin rises, and even the hairs stand to attention.
But their motions pale in comparison, to the part of me that yearns for you.
Flashin' blue eyes beckon me forward while you lay before me,
Stretchin' out to touch yourself, as you sense my anticipation.
I claim your lips while my hand seeks out your silky form,
Slowly I caress and lick each mound, my heart soarin' as you mewl,
And hear you gasp as I stroke your hip and seek your warm and moistened depths.
Touchin' you while your legs open to me and you cry my name in your euphoria.

Our eyes meet and I see such love, a love that shreds my emotions and draws me in.
The feel of you against me ignites a fire deep within me.
Your exquisite taste and scent enters my every pore and senses, consumin' me,
Driving my swollen manhood deep within you as I suckle at your breasts,
And hold your archin', writhin' form while we move as one.
Our needs increase with each thrust until that penultimate moment.
That instant when all senses are afire, our bodies are aligned,
And we explode. Fluids mingle, sweat-slicked bodies fuse together.
Our calls and gasps are the music to our act of love.
Quiverin', as we rise and fall through the magnificence of our couplin'.
I kiss you softly and whisper words of love, as you do, to me.
To quietly lie together, still united, sated and content.
I stroke your gentle curves and try to find the words to tell you,
That your body is my temple, and all my days I will worship it, as I do you, my love.

Curves that bend and arch deliciously, teasingly, callin' me.
I reach out and stroke at yieldin' skin.
Not just a thing of grace and beauty,
But of promise and adventure.
While some see just a chair,
I see you, nestled in its opulence.
Satin lines gently arcin' along supple ivory hide.
Teasin' me, calling me, as one with the place our love ignites.
When I approach, the vision draws me in,
My expectations rise as does my body and soul.
This chair is our support, our nurturer, our secret pleasure,
While our bodies join and we melt into its folds.
Not just a chair, not just an object, this is our paradise.
Not just a woman, not just a wife, not just a mother,
You are my rock, my friend, my playmate, my companion, my
The Life Within by Sue M
I lay my hand upon your swollen form,
And feel the life within.
I rest my head and listen as you breathe,
And hear the life within.
Your radiance as you blossom lifts my soul,
As I see the life within.
Three hearts that beat in time as we lie here,
And touch the life within.
This miracle from God fills us with hope,
And we praise the life within.
I hear you sigh and strengthen my embrace,
While we love the life within.
Fusion by Sue M
Eyes of sapphire gaze upon me,
Love and trust shine in their hue,
Lashes flutter, soft sighs risin',
While I move inside of you.
Satin skin that writhes against me,
Tells me all I need to know,
While I make these moments special,
Sensual, heated, long and slow.
Bodies achin' for this moment,
Melt together in their need,
Senses heightened, passions risin',
Knowin' they will soon concede.
Feel my power, sense my fervour,
Ride with me to ecstasy,
Then lay sated here beside me,
Together for Eternity.

My passage brought me brothers, six men I could rely on,
To watch my back and stand with me,
While we fulfill our destiny,
And serve at duty’s calling.

And then I met a vision, of beauty, grace, and passion,
Who stirred in me a need and love,
A blessing sent from Heaven above,
That sent my senses soaring.

My soulmate stands beside me, through trials and tribulations,
You keep me strong, you share my pain,
You walk with me through fire and rain,
Supplying no restrictions.

This love is unconditional, my heart is yours forever,
What lies within is yours to see,
And offered for eternity,
While vowed to fail you never.

Empowered by those around us, we are alone no longer,
Our passion searing as the sun,
Our bodies joined our spirits one,
‘Til journey’s end. Together

To breathe without oxygen.
To speak but never be heard.
To taste but find no flavor or texture.
To touch without ability to feel.
To inhale and never smell fragrance.

You are my pride, my joy, my present and my future.
My love for you is as lofty as the sky, and as bottomless as
the oceans.
These loving arms embrace all that you are, and all you will
While my heart beats to a rhythm fuelled by a desire to
watch you flourish.
You fill my life, lift my spirits, and sustain my soul.
You are all I was, all I am, and all I could become.
My desire is to protect you, nurture you, indulge you, and
have fun with you.
My wish is to watch you grow and have children of your own.
You are strong, happy, bright, and beautiful.
You are mine.
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A unique, sultry, headiness sends my senses reeling.
You sashay to me, a vision of naked beauty, and I inhale.
Your fragrance is my oxygen, without it, I fade.
This moment is the pinnacle of my day.
To touch you, is my desire.
To taste you, is my need.
To listen to your heartbeat, is my pleasure.
To feel your skin against me, is my passion.
To glide inside your depths is my undoing.
To savor your arousal is my reward.
No meadow is more vibrant,
Than you, when we are here
Together, in union, embracing, in love.
I sigh and hold you as I breathe.
No bloom could be more fragrant,
No perfume more alluring.
Than you, my Texas rose.