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Together for seven years as Federal ATF Agents *
and formed their own  chosen family of brothers,
affectionately known as the Wild Bunch. They
have also become partners, establishing The
Larabee 7 Horse Ranch. A place set up to raise
horses for profit and a dream for a secure future
for their families.

Special Agent Backgrounds
Captain Vincent Jamison Tanner~ DOB May 10 ~Sniper, Weapons Expert
Vin Tanner was born in Texas. His father, James, disappeared on a mission before he was three and his mother, Rebecca, died when
he was five. He lived with his maternal grandfather Treyton Hawk  for the next six years. From his grandfather he learned survival
skills and about his Native American heritage until Treyton's death.  With no other known living relatives he was then was placed
into a series of foster homes until he ran away and set out on his own at age fifteen.  Ending up in Denver he spent some rough years
on the streets, but he did manage to finish high school with the help of  a teacher named Nettie Wells and then joined the army on his
eighteenth birthday.
Tanner is an ex-Army Ranger with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice which he acquired during his stint in the military.  After
he was discharged, he worked briefly as a private bounty hunter before becoming a U.S. Marshal. He served in this Federal division
until he joined ATF Team Seven.  When MCAT was formed he moved with Chris to the new unit as a Captain.  He is skilled in martial
arts, is a good strategist and supervises training for MCAT Agents. Vin also has a working knowledge of several languages.
*Recent Alias~ Calvin Jamison ~Hawk ~Dusty Slater
Special Agent John Daniel (JD) Dunne ~ DOB July 22 ~ Satellite Communications, Computer Specialist Supervisory

A Boston native, JD excelled through high school and college, graduating at the age of eighteen with a degree in Computer Science.
Originally a beat cop in the Boston PD, he was accepted into the ATF and joined Team seven in Denver after his mother's death due
to a long illness. Dunne personally designed the CASSIE computer system which is used by MCAT, making it one of the most highly
developed systems used in law enforcement today. His expertise, and genius is an asset for the MCAT Unit.

JD loves all sports, horseback riding, and rock climbing. Most of all he enjoys spending his free time with his son JJ, and twin
daughters, Lilah and Daisy.
Special Agent Josiah Solomon Sanchez~ DOB April 8 ~Criminal profiling, Surveillance

Josiah has a 4-year degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy which he acquired after leaving the service. He served 5 years in
the Marines with two tours toward the end of Vietnam conflict. Once he graduated college, he was hired as a Kansas City police
officer with Special Crimes as a profiler. He worked there until joining the ATF. Since becoming a member of the MCAT team, his
reputation as a profiler has flourished after assisting with  the resolutions of several high profile cases. His father, now deceased was
a missionary, which allowed Sanchez to travel extensively as a child giving him a vast knowledge of several cultures and learning
many languages.  When necessary he can stand in as a helicopter pilot.

Recent alias~ Johna Drake
Special Agent Nathan Elias Jackson ~ DOB ~ March 12~ Tactical Medic,  Forensics, Explosives

go to college.  Joined  the KC police department, where he met Josiah, and  worked with the Bomb Squad, specializing in Incendiary
Forensics, before being recruited by Larabee into the ATF and moving to Denver. Since joining MCAT he has added several courses in
forensic investigating to his education, and works closely with Dr. Metfield and the lab.  Jackson is also the designated team medic.
Special Agent Ezra Prescott Standish ~ DOB June 7 ~Covert Operations Specialists, Negotiator
Ezra  has southern roots.  His mother Maude is still living and she has had several husbands, but he has no blood siblings that he is
aware of.  He has a degree in Psychology and an MBA.  Five years ago he completed Law school and after passing the bar, mainly
acts as legal adviser for the Larabee 7 and family members.
After graduating, he pursued a career in Law Enforcement, working with the Vice Squad of the Atlanta PD before becoming an FBI
Agent. Fueled by a 'wild card' reputation and rumors of corruption, his career was in jeopardy. He was place on 'permanent loan' to
the ATF when recruited by Chris.  Making the move to MCAT, he was further trained in specific techniques used in dealing with
terrorists as a negotiator. His extensive undercover experience has provided him with the expertise to teach and supervise covert
operations for MCAT. Ezra speaks several languages fluently.  

*Numerous Aliases-Most Recent- Emerson Sellers
Special Agent Bucklin (Buck) Everett Wilmington ~ DOB June 30 ~Explosives, Investigation

Buck  has known Chris Larabee for twenty plus years. He was raised by a single Mom, now deceased; he grew up in several places,
but spent his teenage years in Nevada.  He met Chris in the Navy and  they served together on the same SEAL team with Buck
becoming an explosives expert. After discharge he joined the Denver Police department and partnered with Chris, first as a street
cop and then as a homicide detective. When Chris left  the force after the death of his wife and son, Buck stayed with the DPD until
Larabee brought him into the ATF and eventually MCAT.
*MOG created the original Team 7, and the ATF AU