Crime Scene Unit

Dr. Robert Metfield
Agent Katrina Santos
Agent Greg Ramsey
Mobile Analysis Unit

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Under the instruction and training of the Senior Agents from Team Seven,
several new agents have joined, and formed new  MCAT units.
Greg Ramsey
Alex Sandoval
Pam Walton
Captain Justin
Bravo Unit
Raphael Cordova
Crime Lab
Katrina Santos
Chief  of  Forensics
Medical examiner
Dr. Robert Metfield
(Collaborative Analysis System for
Sensitive Information Engineering)

Paul Roberts, African American, worked Atlanta Metro police departments with excellent records, 31 years
old./divorced/no children. Paul was severely injured in a racially motivated attack and has decided not to
return to MCAT.
Ross Anderson, African American, Detroit Metro police departments, career until then focused on inner city
crime, 34 years old. Married w/2children/one is a girl. Ross lost a leg when the MCAT office was attacked with
rocket propelled grenades. He has decided to leave law enforcement and work in the private sector
The MCAT AU was  created by Tannertexaslady.  Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Note:  I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.   
Mark Westin
Charlie Team
Selina Cordova resigned from MCAT to marry  a Navy Commander, and moved to Greece, where her husband is stationed
Guy Saunders
Brad Garrison
Kelli Coulter
Michael Langley
MCAT Pilot
Tom Moore
Agent Mallory Anne Brennan- Sanchez                                                                           Irish~ DOB November 5

Military experience landed her a job with the Denver Police department before applying as an AFT Agent. She eventually became a team
leader under the command of Orrin Travis. Leaving the AFT after being offered a position on the new MCAT unit to have her son, she recently
returned to work, but wanted to stay out of the field.  She trained on CASSIE to become an important member of the MCAT team. Her first
husband was a man who was abusive, and  she became a widow when he was killed in operation Desert Storm. That experience led her to
retirement, now becoming  a crisis counselor for abused women, and working with women's shelters.
Former Agents
Alpha Team
Bravo Team
AdMin Assistant