Fear and Protection
                                          by Wendymypooh
                                                  (MCAT kids~ Jason and Andi)

Jason Tanner pressed his body against one corner of the living room wall in the Tanner residence, his blue eyes wide with
growing fear as he heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps approaching the front door. He had awakened a few
moments earlier to use the restroom and get something to drink. He finished in the bathroom, and decided that instead of
water, he wanted a sip of milk. The young boy headed down the hallway toward the kitchen.

Grace Addison , Cody Christopher,
Jesse Wayne

Jason Cameron, Andria 'Andi' Nicole,
Bren Jamison, Trey Mackenzie

Lilah Rose,  Daisy Jonetta, & JJ

Sarah Christina, Maria Inesa,
Tannis Rose, Caleb Evan,
Isabella Daniella

~Jackson ~
Terrell Nathanial, Ronesha

Joanne Elise & Adam Josiah
~ From  the Larabee 7 Family Collection~
Written by M7 Muse Ladies
Drabbles by Wendymypooh
                             Challenge ~ 7 colors and 7 numbers

Jason and Vin

Jason Tanner stood at the corral fence, counting how many foals were inside it, interacting with other foals, or nursing
from their numbers.

"One...two...three...” Jason continued counting in silence as he used his finger to point out each foal.

"What are you doin' son?" Vin Tanner asked the boy as he walked up behind him.

“Counting how many foals there are." Jason told him.

"How many are there?"

"Twenty-four. Seven black ones, six brown, five gray,four white, three paints, and two red." Jason told him proudly.

The End
           Christmas Pictures                                                        
   by Wendymypooh

It was a Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks before Christmas and all of the Wild Bunch children, except for the three
youngest, gathered together in the pony barn at Reins of Change.  Cody Larabee, and Trey and Bren Tanner were down
for their naps in the daycare center, under Sally Reeder’s watchful eyes. Most of the adults were out Christmas shopping,
taking care of last minute holiday details, or enjoying some alone time together.
                                                            by Wendymypooh

Jason Tanner stormed up the steps of the Tanner home and opened the kitchen door.  He slammed the door shut and
practically ran through the other rooms to get to his bedroom.

“Jason Tanner, what in the world has gotten into you?”  Max Andrews exclaimed, as she came out of the twins’ nursery.

     Christmas Story                       By Wendymypooh

The Larabee 7 annual Christmas party was winding down at last.  Like most of the other traditions that was formed when
Team 7 was active, the brothers, and their families gathered on Christmas Eve for their annual Christmas party.  As each
of them married, and babies were born into their families, Christmas mornings were reserved for each man to share with
his individual family, and then everyone would gather for dinner.
Pearl Delaney

Not Me!
By Sue M

JD sighed as he finished up in the bathroom.  It was only half ten on a Saturday morning and the kids had already worn
him out.  So far the girls had attempted to make him breakfast.  He tried to stay calm as he put them back to bed, thanking
them, while explaining he wasn't really hungry at 3:30am.

Later, little JJ had figured out if he stacked up and stood on his stuffed toys in his crib, he could swing a leg over the high
sides.  Luckily, JD had been passing the door at the time and caught him mid escape.  And then there was `Magpie
syndrome'.  JJ was suddenly taking anything that wasn't nailed down and light enough to pick up and taking it to the
newly formed Dunne Bermuda Triangle…so called, because, so far, the items had simply vanished and never been traced.

A boisterous game of `find daddy' had turned into a marathon, not to mention a sore ass from daddy tripping over one of
the girls' shoes…apparently abandoned after JD put his foot down about digging for worms in the rain, earlier.  'What was
it with those two and worms?'

Rolling his shoulders for the second wave, JD put his hand on the doorknob, turned and pulled, alarmed when it came off
in his hand, while unable to stop himself from flying backwards and crashing against the tub before dropping on his ass to
the floor.


He sat there for a few moments, glancing between the doorknob in his hand and the sealed shut door.  Snapping out of it,
he scrambled over on his knees to the door and put the knob back on, but nothing happened when he turned it.  He tried
prying the door open, but there was no chance.

"Girls…GIRLS! Daddy needs you.  LILAH…DAISY!" He pushed his ear to the door, relieved to hear little feet heading his way.

"Where's you, daddy?"

"In my bathroom!" he yelled.  He heard them approach.  "Girls, the handle's come off; can you tell me if the one your side
is still there?"  There was a pause.  


"Uh uh."

"No?"  JD squeaked.  "Is it on the floor?"


"Uh uh."

He frowned and tried to think like them.  "Is one of you holding it?"

"Not me."

"Nope, not me."

His eyes widened.  "Where's JJ?"

"In the playwoom."

"Would one of you go see if he has it, please?"  He waited, convinced no one had moved.  "Has one of you done that for

"Not me."

"Nope, not me."

JD screamed, inwardly.  "Stay calm, JD…you can do this."

"Listen to me…I need you to go see if JJ picked up the knob."


This time he heard them leave…then come back.

"JJ's s'eepin' in the Lego."

JD slapped at his forehead several times.  "Okay, but was the handle with him?"  He paused.  "I can't see you shrug or
shake your head, girls."


JD glanced at the window.  He hadn't unlocked the outer door yet, to make sure the kids were contained for a while.  If he
climbed through it, he wouldn't be able to get back in.

"Lilah, you can use the phone, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Go pick it up, press the button that has a green phone on it and then press the button with number one on it.  Tell Uncle
Buck, daddy needs him to come over."


JD tried to stay calm, but the thought of his three kids in the house and unsupervised was driving him frantic.  Thank God,
he'd thought to give Buck a spare key, which he knew the man kept on his regular keychain, so hopefully he'd bring it
with him and be able to get in.  As he sat on the floor behind the door, he considered kicking at it, but that would probably
scare the kids.  

"JJ's awake now," a little voice announced.

Sitting up, JD called back.  "Where is he, Daisy?

"He wented into your ossice."

'Nooo...' "Honey...Daisy...go get him out of there, would you?  Please, baby, daddy needs the things in his office.  DAISY!"  He
heard a big huff.

"O-k-a-y...but I wants to watch the cartoons, now."

"Don't turn on the TV by yourself, Daisy; it's not plugged in...Daisy...DAISY! Aaarrgghh!"

It seemed to take an eternity before he heard anyone again, and JD was now calculating just how much force he would
need to kick out the door and to hell with scaring the kids, when a familiar voice drifted through.

"I hear someone needs a little help."

JD jumped to his feet.  "Buck, thank God! Are the kids okay?"

"Inez has them and yeah, they're okay."

Relief caused a now trembling JD to sit down hard on the lidded toilet seat.  He listened to the sounds of screws turning,
elated when the door pushed inward and Buck's smiling face appeared.

"Anybody there?"

JD bolted past him.  "Very funny." Running into the living room, he tried to ignore his body quaking as he set eyes on the
girls sitting at the breakfast bar, enjoying milk and cookies, and JJ making little noises from his high chair while smushing
soggy cookie into his dark hair.  JD made grateful eyes to Inez, turning to thank Buck for coming over so quickly.  Inez
pushed two coffees towards the men and they gratefully accepted, the pair sitting alongside the girls.  Taking a minute to
compose himself as he sipped his drink, JD frowned on spotting the half-empty plate of cookies.

"Hey…who took all the double choc chip?"

Two little girls cast innocent eyes on their father.  

"Not me."

"Not me."

Inez winked.  "Not me."


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