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Turbulent Transition Series
created by Tannertexaslady
~Author's Notes ~
Not only has this AU evolved in this series, but I have too, as a writer.  My first reaction to reading part one again was to revise and correct, but I have decided
against that.  I take credit for any and all mistakes and hopefully I have learned from them. My goal is to entertain and be as accurate as possible with my research
and details.

I want to thank the readers that have taken this ride with me and contributed with their feedback to make each story better than the last. While I write to pleasure
my muse, I am pleased that you have enjoyed this series.  I also would like to thank Tonny,  Wendy, Jan, Mary, and Sarai for their contributions and support as well.

These pages are an overview of each part and some interesting (I hope) trivia on the linked pages. I have many other stories planned in this AU and a second series.  
I welcome your comments or suggestions.

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# 7~Reconciliations ~ 3 parts that cover one year with Chris & The Wild Bunch
by Tannertexaslady & Wendymypooh

Part I~ Reclamation~Chris encounters turbulence as he attempts to reconcile his life, his career, and his marriage. In the meantime
Vin sets out alone on a quest to protect his brothers, MCAT, and his family; while Nathan encounters roadblocks in his struggle to
recover the balance in his life.

Part II~ Revelation ~Events coincide to reveal hidden truths, as life-altering affirmations are disclosed, and the entire family is forced
to confront an evil that lurks in the shadows of their lives, hell-bent on destroying the life that they all cherish.

Part II-Resolution ~Brings the Turbulent Transitions series to a conclusion and will lay the pathway for Series Two ~”Strength in
# 6 ~Additions & Apprehensions by Tannertexaslady & Wendymypooh

By the time May rolled around Chris felt as if his life was finally back on track. He was looking forward to all the new additions that
were coming into his extended family, the most special one of all being the birth of the precious new life that he and Linda had created
together. Little did he know that within four short months, a chain of events would unfold that would rip apart his team, cut through
the heart of his family, and leave him alone to face a questionable future.

Chris becomes addicted again to painkillers and this story is continued in Part 7
Introduction to new MCAT AU
Major Crimes & Acts of Terrorism

MCAT is set after the wonderful ATF AU that Mog created. Team seven is disbanded and Chris Larabee is asked to lead a whole new type of law enforcement unit,
MCAT (Major Crimes and Acts of Terrorism), a totally independent unit that has the authority to act outside all the existing boundaries within law enforcement and
politics and also overrules these other agencies. He accepts and along with him the others of team seven decide to become a part of this unit as well. Chris, as the
unit commander, only has to answer to Orrin Travis and has Vin as his squad captain and Buck as his number three man

Transitions is the beginning of a series of stories that involve MCAT. This  series centers on the changes taking place in the personal lives of our seven heroes. Our
boys have worked together for seven year as Federal Agents and formed their own family of brothers. They have even become partners to establish The Larabee 7
Horse Ranch. A place set up,to raise horses, for profit and a dream for a secure future for their families. However, after September 2001, federal law enforcement
started to change. Old priorities gave way to new challenges and better ways to meet them. When Team Seven is disbanded, Chris Larabee is offered an opportunity
to become Unit Commander for a new Task Force, MCAT (Major Crimes and Acts of Terrorism),  which is a unit of federal agents that take on any or all cases, too
complex or too hot for other agencies to handle.
# 2 ~ Connections by Tonny

Tonny picked up at the end of Transitions and continued with MCAT and the personal lives of the Wild Bunch. She was particularly
interested in exploring the connection between Chris and Vin. In this case it helped to find Chris when he was kidnapped by a serial
killer, but it caused some concern for his new ladylove, Linda. We also 'meet' CASSIE.


"Cassie? Who's that? She isn't one of your agents, is she? I don't recognize the name."

"Not who, what! CASSIE is some damn computer information system." Chris looked at some note. "Collaborative Analysis System for
Sensitive Information Engineering. That's what JD calls her. Anyway, he showed me some of what it can do before I came here. Orrin, he
and Pam can get virtually any information pulled up from any agency they want with that system. More, it practically pulls all that
information up independently, on its own. That's the latest state of the art!"

I showed you yesterday how CASSIE can get into virtually any databank? What I didn't tell you is, that she's constantly comparing the
data she finds with each other, showing us similarities and such, matches between cases or if specific dates keep popping up in regard
to something suspicious. And... and... something came up out of that...."

"JD! Bottom line!"

JD licked his lips nervously. "Yeah, yeah alright. Bottom line.... I... I think we have a serial killer in town Chris. One who Pam and me
think has been active for a lot of years now, all over the country."
# 3~ Decisions written by Tannertexaslady & Tonny

The team is up for the six-month review. Their new case starts with a gang war on the streets of Denver, which quickly spreads to an
attack on Larabee's family and ends with a shocking discovery.

Chris decided to lay out all his preferences. "We can be the best ready response team in the country, but to do so we must make that our only
focus. I need time to work with the agents I have, not have them spread out on six different cases where our presence is not essential. We do
not need to loan out our agents to anyone, not of our choosing. I want the authority to decide what we take or do not take. I also want our
own helicopter with a trained agent as a pilot.'

Orrin stood up and passed two stacks of folders to Chris. "As of now you have it, these files are the request for MCAT help and the applications
for a place on your team. Chose your next case, find the new agents you need and are satisfied with, I will take care of the rest." Travis was
pleased with Chris' assessments and ready to let him run with it. "From now on I will handle the press and if you need anything else, let me

The unit grew with the addition of Dr. Robert 'Bones' Medfield, and forensic investigator Greg Ramsey. A helicopter was added to the
air fleet, and Agent Raphael Cordoza was hired as an agent and pilot. Travis and Larabee make decisions about how best to operate
MCAT, and the team is beginning to gel and each agent is finding their special place within the unit.

# 4~ Past Transgressions by Tannertexaslady
A personal challenge for Chris- his past is racing to catch up with him and it is on a collision course with his newly found happiness. An
old enemy blames Chris for a long-ago action that resulted in tragedy and the plans for revenge could destroy him and the people that
he loves. The consequences of that reckoning send him spiraling into a raging river of guilt. He must sort thing out before the price of
his transgressions becomes too high to pay.

While Vin must find a way to help Kelli deal with her past. A trip to Texas answers the questions that have plagued her for a lifetime;
their future together is in jeopardy after a confrontation with her birth family.
Notes: The basic premise for this story was inspire by a stray plot bunny thrown out  as a challenge to any writer and my muse insisted that I pick it up and run with it.

Almost complete, that bitch will start the chain of events that will finally destroy Larabee. Marissa Lyons will serve me well and is worth
every dime that she coerced for her part in my plan. What a stroke of luck to come across evidence of his past transgression. His best friend
will pay along with his private whore and both will suffer the torment of betrayal.

I will let Larabee wallow in his guilt first and then, when he thinks he is free of the past, I will destroy his future. He will watch helplessly as
one by one his precious family members pays for his interference in my life.

Larabee will not be so high and mighty when I finish with him.
# 5~ Illusions by Tannertexaslady

Illusions—by definition means: deceptive powers of appearances/ false idea/something with deceptive appearance/mistaken sensory

January started great, I thought things could not get any better in my life. I was back at work, had a beautiful woman beside me and I had a
daughter that was beginning to accept me as her dad. Then my world began to fall apart. I found out that my identity had been stolen, Kelli
was almost killed in a car wreck and Vin was shot, all because someone wanted me to suffer. When I found out that it was my baby brother,
being the cocky sonofabitch that I am, I thought I could fix it all by myself. I damn near lost everything that I value in this life instead. Jack
pumped me full of drugs and waited for me to get hooked on them. I did not disappoint him. *
*Chris's journal entry

Vin bought a mare, Angel for Kelli's Christmas present.
* Turbulent Transitions was nominated in the Best Series Category and Illusions was also nominated for best Hurt/Comfort story. Tonny's Connections was also
nominated.  Past Transgressions (Adult version)was nominated for best Adult het.  Adult Reconciliations nominated in 2007
The MCAT AU was created by Tannertexaslady.* Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Note:  I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.    
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*MOG created the original Team 7,  and the ATF AU
**Adult  Het version nominated
**Adult  Het version nominated