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    Bell's Will be Ringing ~ Josiah
    Christmas Carole ~ JD
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The Long Walk Home ~ MCAT ~ Halloween

A Reason to Celebrate ~ OW ~ Christmas
MCAT Stories ~  Series #1 -co-written with Tannertexaslady
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Turbulent Transitions series

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Strength & Solidarity Series
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The Young Riders
Winds of Change
by Tannertexaslady
with additions by
Adult version for best AU
Winner of the Ayrf          

( Academy of Young Riders Fanfic) Awards in 2003 for Female Character (Odella Hufstead) for my story ' That Summer'

The Golden Onion Awards~March, 2010

The “Rockin’ Chair”  My First Job: 1855 – Wendy

The “Like An Onion” award…2nd: Cody in “Cody’s Memoirs” – Wendy

The “Foot-in-Mouth” …2nd: The Riders in
“A Day at the Station With Teaspoon Cooking Is Always Perilous” -Wendy

The "Union Pacific' Award' ... 2nd:"Cody's Memoirs" - characterization -Wendy
Hell in Culloden
Legend Chronicles AU
By Wendymypooh
# 1--Evolutions
MCAT/Young Riders
Ghostly Visitor

Legend Chronicles AU
Blood & Roses
It Begins
Legend Chronicles/MCAT crossover:
Mystery of Rose Field
Tannertexaslady & Wendymypooh
Series 3 -Hell of a Ride

Blood & Roses

coming soon
Family Trilogy
part 1
Family Matters