Strength & Solidarity Series
Storyboard & Characters
created By Tannertexaslady.
# 2 ~Vision Quest
by Tannertexaslady & Wendymypooh
Vision Quest follows Shades of Gray. Chris's perceptions of his beliefs are
challenged as he seeks out the reason behind the vicious attacks against his
family, JD, Hannah Sanchez, and the entire MCAT Unit.  With a little help
from the past and Vin's Visions, seven brothers race against time to solve
the mystery before it's too late.  How far is Chris willing to go to stop the
evil,  which destroyed his past, and now threatens those he holds closest to
his heart?
# 1 ~Shades of Gray
by Tannertexaslady & Wendymypooh
MCAT/OW~ Chris Larabee, his family, and his MCAT Unit are draw into the
gray areas between black and white, forced to participate in a twisted plot
of intrigue against them. Right and wrong, fact and fiction, visions and
dreams, rational and irrational, past and present, becomes
indistinguishable, pushing the team as well as seven brothers to their
personal limits of endurance and beyond.
Series of stories which center on the Seven's intrinsic bonds of friendship and brotherhood, forces that have no boundaries
The stories listed on this page are Gen Het. I do have an Adult Version of this series for the mature reader which contains more
explicit sexual content. If you wish to read that version  and additional  stories for the mature reader, follow this link...
*R-Rated (over 18)Het* MCAT by request
The MCAT AU was created by Tannertexaslady. * Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
A new year has arrived, carried by the winds of change. Natural evolutions of several relationships occur, turning the pages in the
book of life. New unions will form; old ones will shift their priorities, heal, or break. Chris has his hands full with challenges at work,
while old concerns threaten his children. Buck makes a life altering decision, but soon finds his choice may not be the change he was
looking for in his life.
#4 ~ Fire and Rain  
Fire and Rain ~ Life changes dramatically for the residents of Larabee 7 when tragedy hits the Wild Bunch. The ramifications are
far-reaching and devastating. Questioned loyalties divide the seven, and answers are difficult to come by. Chris faces losing custody of his
children, a marriage is in ruins, and no one is unaffected by the turn of life-altering events.  

#6 ~ Purgatory
by Tannertexaslady & Sue M
Part 1 ~ Descent into Hell
Evil dissenters cast Vin and Buck into Purgatory.  Help comes from unexpected sources to rescue them.

Part 2~ Deliverance from Evil
#5 ~ Code of Honor
by Tannertexaslady and Sue M
The latest quest for our seven connects Colorado, to the violence of Mexico drug and gun smuggling, human trafficking, and murder. The
'Legends of the Quest' book, each man previously received, teaches them how their personnel choices affect their futures, and to live with
honor. Now, their past and present finally intersect to show them why fate chose them to lead the fight for justice.
# 7 ~ Written on the Winds Trilogy
Bringing the Strength in Solidarity Series to a sweeping conclusion.

#1 Winds of Change
by Tannertexaslady with additions by Wendymypooh
Chris moves from one season of his life to the next. From the ashes of the attack on the ranch, new endeavors abound. Changes flourish on
Larabee 7, and within the Wild Bunch. We say goodbye to some familiar faces, and welcome others, while a new threat prowls on the
  • Vin's Codename _Hawk
***MOM AWARD Winners ***
by Tannertexaslady with Sue M ~
 Best AU- Adult Novella ~ MCAT ~Fire & Rain
Vin and Buck fight their way back from hell.  Unfortunately, the evil they encountered in South America appears to have followed them
home, leaving no one on Larabee 7 safe from its clutches.

~ #2 Devil Winds ~(gen version)
by Tannertexaslady & Sue M
Adult version URL

The second story in this trilogy, unfolds as a 'perfect storm' blows into the lives of our seven unexpectedly.  Spurred on by the winds of the
devil, it will test their strength, tenacity, and faith, requiring them to make tough choices if all seven are to survive its pervasive fury,

* A "perfect storm" is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.
*MOG created the original Team 7,  and the ATF AU
Fire & Rain/Highlights/
Repercussions from the damage Ice inflicted on the L7 family

  • Linda takes Chris to court over custody of their children
  • Chris/Cait move closer
  • Tepee built on Tanner property
  • Wilmingtons welcome fifth child

  • JD/stabbed repeatedly
  • Kelli/arm and hand slashed
  • Casey/hospitalized

  • Douglas Banks/Criminal
  • Robert Eaves/Child custody
  • Trenton Barlow/U.S. Attorney

Other Characters:
  • Rebecca Lanski/Casey's old friend
  • Antiono Wendell
  • Gregory Renaldo/Linda's fiancée
Code of Honor/Highlights

  • Legend of the Quest books delivered
  • Strange dreams/revelations from the past from OW 7
  • Maude Visits
  • Casey asks for divorce/she and Nettie move to
  • Ezra & Barbara find out a little Standish is on the way
  • Dottie leaves due to health problems
  • Chris proposes to Caitlyn/plans to adopt Jesse
  • Shadow ops end/New Task Force formed

Other Characters
  • Michael Langley/new agent
  • Spencer Franklin/new sat/com specialist
  • Sam Cain/MCAT Texas SAC
  • Kenneth Braswell/civilian attorney sent to observe
    task force operation
  • Dante Perón/Cartel boss
  • Father Rafferty/priest/counselor
  • Tia Isabella/Inez's aunt

  • JD/hospital stay
  • Jason broke his arm playing baseball.
  • Daisy fell off the slide/ER visit
Turn the Page /Highlights

  • Buck leaves MCAT for a new it final or can he be convinced
  • to come back?
  • Inez & Buck discover that Wilmington # 5 is on its way.
  • Serena gets married and resigns from MCAT
  • Ezra goes undercover with explosive results.
  • JD and Casey begin having serious problem with their relationship.
  • Tanner replaces the Tahoe with a new Navigator .
  • The West End kids become a project for all Seven Agents.
  • Vin helps Kelli overcome her depression.
  • MCAT Bravo & Charlie Teams est.

  • Chris shot twice, takes a big fall, is injured, and locked in a basement
    with Kelli, during an explosion
  • Vin is shot during a bust.
  • Chris & Vin both end up needed physical therapy for their injures.

Other Characters
  • Teaspoon Hunter/Texas MCAT
  • Lorene ‘Bitsy” Fowler
  • Royce Carter
  • Carlos Chavez/arms dealer
  • Ray Montoya/bomb specialist
  • Bill Patterson aka William Fowler
Shades of Gray/Vision Quest

Reins of Change:

  • Shelly Foster ~ Resident girl's counselor/teacher
  • Tony Rodriguez ~ Resident boy's counselor/teacher
  • Willard Robard ~ Horse wrangler
  • Sally Reeder ~ Daycare manager
  • Cordelia Thomas ~House Manager
  • CPS ~ Carmen Johnson

Reins - Kids
  • Jesse Wayne Hunter ~12
  • Kyle~8
  • Tara~7

  • Brad Garrison
  • Guy Saunders

  • Frank Spelling/FBI
  • Simon Rush/FBI
  • Washburn/FBI
  • Ronald Jones/ US Marshal

  • Dr. Alan Rivers/Hannah's doctor
  • Dr.  MarcusQuinlan/pediatrician

  • Charles Logan/Maude's husband
  • Douglas Banks /attorney

Forsyth Family
  • William Forsyth/son Daniel
  • (father of Anne- and Meredith)
  • Amanda Forsyth-Cain/family historian/her sister
  • Jillian/ married to William Slade
  • (Kelli's Grandparents)

Vin Tanner's Ancestors

  • Great- great-Grandfather Vin AKA Hawk the Hunter, AKA
    Tracker, AKA Hawk
  • Great- great-Grandmother -Miakota
(power of the moon ~Apache)

  • Great- Grandparents- Christopher James & Emily
  • Grandparents Wyatt & Amanda
  • Parents- James Wyatt & Rebecca

Larabee family & Ancestors

  • Great-great- grandparents-Chris, AKA Cowboy & Abigale
  • Great- Grandparents - Colton Vincent  & Maggie
  • Grandparents- Cordell & Katherine
  • Parents - Clint and Clarice

  • Sarah Spencer Larabee ~ Chris's  late ,first wife
  • Adam Christopher Larabee- Chris's  deceased son
  • Howard Spencer (Sarah's father)

  • Loss~ Vin & Kelli lose  a child

  • Numerous injures, & explosions
Chain of Seven
Seven Spirit Guides
The conclusion of the Wind Trilogy & the Strength & Solidarity Series
#3 Voices  in the Wind
by Tannertexaslady  & Sue M
Request adult version URL
# 3 of the MCAT Trilogy
Hell of a Ride
"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
#1 in Hell of a  Ride series

Blood & Roses