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A Force to be Reckoned With By Sue M ~ JD/Casey
Good to be Home by Sue M ~ JD/Casey
Thanks to Bountyhunter'slady for the awesome collages
on this page.

New ~ Dalliance
Just Couldn't Wait ~ JD~ MCAT ~ New!!!
Timing Is Everything
By Sue M
Collage By Bounterhunter's Lady
BY Tannertexaslady & Sue M

MCAT ~Purgatory -Tannertexaslady & Sue M
Part 1~ Descent into Hell
Part 2~ Deliverance from Evil
Congratulations Sue M.~ MOM Award Winner ~ Adult Het
MCAT ~Just Couldn't Wait
MCAT Fire & Rain
Written By Tannertexaslady
With Sue M
MOM Award Winner- Best AU- Adult Novella
MCAT #7 Written on the
Winds Trilogy
by Tannertexaslady &Sue M
The conclusion of the Wind Trilogy
#3 Voices  in the Wind
by Tannertexaslady  &Sue M
Brothers in Arms: The Quest for the Broadsword

By Sue M