Missing Scene's Index
by Sue M

Summary: A series of 'missing scenes' for the original OW series from the author's and JD's POV

Season One

Ghosts of the Confederacy

One Day Out West

Working Girls




The Collector

Inmate 78


The New Law


Musing from a Stagecoach

Sins of the Past
Everyday (Collection)
by Sue M

Sometimes, a plot bunny or a scene just won't fit a full story, so I came up with this series of short stories, in different AUs, depicting everyday life.

Rite of Passage
(JD, Buck, Vin) OW

My Partner, My Friend

No Rush
(JD, Buck, Inez, Chris) RNLI

Making Their Mark
(Seven) Brothers Larabee

This Wonderful Life
(Chris, JD, Buck, Vin) ATF Little Britches

From Th Heart
(JD< Vin) OW

Misery Loves Company
(JD< Vin) ATF

Not Ham
(JD,Buck) ATF
MCAT #7 Written on the Winds Trilogy
by Tannertexaslady & Sue M
~ #2 Devil Winds ~(gen version)
Adult version URL available
Story Collages
Contributions from Abbie, Kay,Robijean,Jo, Mari, and Katy

Another Day, Another Dollar  ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~(Ezra, Chris, JD)

Bad Hair Day ~ Sue M ~ATF ~ (JD)

Banishing Demons ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (Buck, JD)

Beyond Friendship ~ Sue M ~ ATF~(Buck, JD)

Blame ~ Sue M ~ ATF~(JD, Chris)

Blind Faith ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD, Vin)

Cause to Celebrate ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD)

Chosen ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD, Chris)

Dalliance ~ ATF  (JD/Ofc)

A Dangerous Liaison ~ Sue M ~ATF~ (JD, OFC)

A Day in a Dodge ~ Sue M ~ATF~(Chris, JD)

A Disastrous Turn of Events ~ Sue M ~ATF~ (JD, Buck, Chris)

Emily ~ Sue M ~ ATF~(JD)

The Evil Within ~ATF~ (JD,Buck)
written by Marion and Sue M

Filling in the Blanks ~ Sue M  ~ ATF~(JD, Ezra, Nathan)

A Friend Indeed ~ Sue M ~ ATF~(JD, Ezra)

Getting Out of Boston ~ Sue M ~ Alt Au~ (Buck, JD)

Good Days, Bad days ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~ (JD, Vin, Ezra)

Hell in a Hand Basket ~  Sue M ~ATF~ (Buck, JD)

Inner Strength ~ Sue M ~ (JD,Buck, Chris)

JD and Josiah's Big Day Out ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD, Josiah)

A Life in the Balance ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD, Buck, Chris)

A Long, Lonely Road ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~(JD, Chris, Buck)

A Long Night ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~ (JD, Buck)

Looking Back ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD)

Luck of the Draw ~ Sue M ~ ATF~(JD, Ezra)

Made to Be Broken ~ Sue M ~ ATF~(JD)

Messing With His Head ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~ (JD, Casey)

Never Too Late ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~(JD)

A New Year ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~ (Buck, JD, Chris)

Nightmares ~  Sue M ~ ATF ~ (JD)

Not Himself ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD, Nathan)

Promises, Morals, & Buck Naked - (Buck, JD)

Race for Life ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~ (JD, Vin)

Reflections of a Special Day ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~ (JD, Casey)

Respect ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD)

Six Weeks ~ Sue M ~ ATF~ (JD)

Surfing ~ Sue M ~ ATF ~ (JD, Vin)

Then Came You ~ ATF ` (JD, Buck, Chris)

Babysitting ~ ATF

Sue and Robijean ~This Man I Know ~ ATF~ (Buck, Chris, Vin, JD

Boy's Toys~ ATF

Tricks of the Trade - (ATF) May Robinson and Sue M.

Blood Brothers by  KT & Sue M
Thanks to Nancy @ Blackraptor
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