Those Seven Men by Sue M

In a line, they rode the ridge to take them where they once were five.
Those seven men.

Fighting with the Seminoles to keep their dreams alive.
Those Seven Men

Standing with the Judge to bring a murderer to trial.
Those seven men

Helping rid a town of fear and elements so vile.
Those Seven men.

Following a man in black like it was etched in stone.
Brave seven men

A tracker and a ladies' man like others, far from home.
All seven men

The defrocked priest and liberated slave, with them stood strong
As seven men

A gambling man and idealistic youth taught right from wrong
honorable seven men

For justice to prevail their lives were risked each day
Those seven men

They stood as one, heroism the feature of the tale
Those seven men
A Youth's Lament by Sue M

A simple mistake can change a man's life…forever.
This ache in my heart will lighten, but never leave.
I'm learning opinions only matter from those you love,
And they are learning it's acceptable to show they care.

The emptiness within is slowly fading,
Though the burden of her passing, by my hands, remains.
Her face haunts my dreams and waking hours,
But each day is better than the last.

To bring her back, I'd give my life for hers in an instant.
I'm told innocents get shot dead every day…but not by me.
For the first time since coming west, I felt I didn't belong.
But that emotion diminishes each day…thanks to my friends.

When I meet my maker I'll tell him again, that I'm sorry.
If Hell is my punishment, I'll take it like a man.
Because I've been there already…and it's dark and lonely.
But today the sun is shining, my friends are here…and life is good.

And I haven't lost my mind.
Just the piece of me that went into the ground with her that day
Teaching me humility, temperance and that, although mistakes happen
Good friends will help you face them…like a man.
Weather the Storm by Sue M
Collage by Bountyhunter'slady
Father's Day
by Sue M
These poems are original works  by Sue M, and belong to her
Poetry in Motion
by Sue M.

From the Heart  by Sue M

I closed my eyes and felt like I was falling,
A twisting, downward spiral into fear and despair.
My soul cried out its loss, but only I could hear.
And still, I kept falling.

I had been afraid in my life,
But never had I been afraid like this.
To be so alone, and have nowhere to turn.
And still falling.

Drifting down into my nightmare
The colors all around me dissolved to black,
Matching my pain and desolation.
And my solitude.

Tearing out my heart would have hurt less,
Than being torn from her.
More than my soul cried, that day,
And I fought with every fiber of my being.
But all was lost

Loneliness embraced me, but I stayed strong
And vowed to be the man she said I could become.
And so, with heavy heart and few possessions,
I held my head aloft and took my solitary journey.

Today I stand, with six good men beside me.
I am the man my mother always saw in me.
My colors are restored and black has new meaning
No longer alone, no longer falling.

To Love Again

Six hearts entwined,
Two fused by love, God's supreme gift.

Faith restored,
Forged from pain, The Lord's most grueling test.

Adoring eyes radiate belief and acceptance.
Bands of gold hold testament to promises made.

With happiness as a willing companion
Anticipation's gossamer wings delicately embrace,
To guide through this blessed adventure.

The past is no more, the future not yet written.
We are our own scribes, write long, write well,

Chosen words etched with love
And carved out from united inspiration
Will stand the test of time.

A new beginning is for the taking.
Contentment in all it brings.