San Antonio Agent backgrounds
~DOB February 4~
SAC ~ Samuel Lee Cain, Caucasian, is in his forties, and although not a native of Texas, he has called San Antonio home for the past 30 years.
From a very young age he was infatuated with the Texas Rangers. As he grew older, he became interested in earning a career in law
enforcement. In high school, when most boys were  Taking part in extracurricular activity, Sam began Criminal Law classes at San Marcus
State University. After he graduated high school, he continued his studies, while beginning his career in law enforcement with the San
Antonio Police department.  Receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, at the age of twenty, he joined Texas Department of Public
Safety, first as a trooper, and then took a position in the Criminal Intelligence Service Division. It is there that he met his future wife, Emma.  
AT twenty-seven he became a Texas Ranger, where for the next fifteen years he rose through the ranks to his current position of Captain for
Company ‘D’ of the Texas Rangers when Teaspoon retired.

Experience:  Leadership, weapons, and intelligence gathering.
Major Crimes & Acts of Terrorism, is under the leadership of  Administrative Chief of Operations, Commander Aloysius Teaspoon'
Hunter and SAC, Captain Sam Cain.  It is an independent, versatile, responsive, and respected premier Federal law enforcement
agency, demonstrating excellence in all aspects of its operations.
~DOB June 14~
Agent Emma Mae Shannon Hunter Cain, Caucasian, is in her forties, and is born and bred a Texan. Her biological parents were killed when
she was a child and her father’s partner and close friend, Teaspoon Hunter adopted her.  Following in the footsteps of both her fathers she
entered into the field of law enforcement,  earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Law from San Marcos State  She began her career with
the Texas Department of Public Safety as a trooper and then transferred to the Criminal Intelligence Service after she graduated college.  It
was there she met her future husband, Sam Cain. Together they have two children, Mindy and Austin.

Experience:  Profiling and intelligence gathering.
-DOB July 13~
Agent James Butler Hickok, is in his thirties, single and Caucasian, was raised by his older sister, Celinda, after their mother was killed by
their father in a murder-suicide when he was ten years old. He had a positive male mentor in his sister’s husband, Michael, who  was the
commanding officer of an S.W.A.T. unit in Wichita, Kansas. Jimmy grew up attending team barbecues, going to the
S.W.A.T competitions, and out to the gun range with his brother-in-law. This early exposure to guns taught him to have a healthy respect for
them and gave his hands on training. He joined the police academy straight out of high school his ultimate goal was to earn a position on a S.
W.A.T unit., which he accomplished.

Experience:  Weapons and explosives.
~DOB March 10~
Agent ‘Kid’ Killian Isaiah Kidd, mid thirties, single, Caucasian, and was born in Virginia. He was raised by his older brother, Jed, after their
abusive father ran off and their mother died of pneumonia. Times were hard on the two teenagers, and Jed ultimately got into some bad
trouble and went to jail. Kid was placed in a foster home with an elderly couple who were raising their granddaughter. They taught him to
be a fine upstanding and honest man. Kid sought out a career in law enforcement at a federal level. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in
criminology, and then applied for a position with the DEA in Arlington, Virginia. He got the job, and has been a DEA agent since 2000.

Experience: Undercover work, weapons, and as a negotiator.
~DOB June 5~
Agent Louise Lucinda McCloud is in her early thirties, single,  and Caucasian. When her mother died, she became an emancipated minor to
raise her younger brother and sister. There went through difficult times, and more than once she had thoughts of giving up, but never gave
into them. She worked hard to put herself through school, earning a duel Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and Forensics Science.  She
enrolled in the St. Joseph, Missouri police academy and was a uniformed officer for five years, before she was promoted to a homicide

Experience: weapons and forensics
~DOB Dec 15~
Agent ‘Running’ Buck Cross, Native American, single and in his mid thirties. He was raised by his mother and grandfather in Tucson, Arizona.  
He had aspirations of working for the ATF after completing his education. Being half-Kiowa, Buck spent many years traveling on and off
reservations with his mother and grandfather to visit relatives, attend council meetings, and to aide them in their work. His grandfather was
a Medicine Man. These frequent trips made him all too aware of the problem with alcohol and drugs that many young Native Americans
were enticed into ingesting, as well as smuggling. Buck earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminolgy and then joined the police force. For the
past four years he has been an ATF agent in Tucson.

Experience: Master of martial arts training, and speaks several Native American dialects, as well as being fluent in English and Spanish.
~DOB Dec 14~
Agent Isaac Leland McSwain, Caucasian,  mid thirties, single, and was raised in a series of foster homes, after his parents and younger sister
were murdered during a home invasion when he was twelve years old. He was eventually adopted by an ATF agent who had lost his own
family in a violent act. To honor his new father, Ike studied hard to finish high school and then went onto college and earned a degree in
Computer programming, with a minor in Criminal Justice. After college he tested for a position with the ATF, scored off the charts and was

Experience: Wizard with electronics and computers.
~DOB July 4~
Agent Noah Edward Dixon is in his mid thirties, single, African American,  and was raised by his father and grandmother.  His father is a
preacher and faith has been a large part of his life. He initially thought about becoming a preacher like his father, but when his best friend
was killed in a drive by shooting, Noah’s interest turned toward law enforcement. After he graduated high school, Noah went on to earn a
Master’s degree in Forensic Science. He joined the Police academy in Los Angeles and was a street cop for five years before he applied for a
position with the FBI and was accepted.

Experience: Forensics.
~DOB Sept 3~
Agent William F. Cody is in his thirties, single, Caucasian, and was raised an army brat. His father was a Colonel in the elite Rangers unit of
the Army. He often rebelled at the strict rules that he was forced to live under, but as he grew, he began to see the reason behind it. After he
graduated from high school in Sweetwater, Nebraska, he enlisted in the Army, serving in special forces until recently. Looking for a change
of career, he sent his resume to MCAT.

Experience: Pilot and sharpshooter.
~ DOB August 20~
ACO ~ Aloysius ‘Teaspoon’ Hunter, Caucasian, widower, and is sixty years old. He is a born and bred Texan and lives on the 100 acre farm
that has been in the Hunter family for four generations.  He served four years in the Texas Air National Guard where he was trained as a
pilot and saw active duty in Vietnam.  When his service was over, he simultaneously began his career in law enforcement with the Texas
Department of Public Safety and taking Criminal Law classes at the San Marcus State University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree.  After eight
years with the DPS he became a Texas Ranger, working up the ranks of sergeant and lieutenant. Eventually he was promoted to the position
of captain of the Ranger ‘D’ Company in San Antonio.  He’s been married twice, has two adult children,  Ramon and Emma, a son-in-law, and
two grandchildren.
Support staff
~DOB Jan 2 ~
Rachel Ann Dunne, Caucasian, is the Administrative secretary for Texas MCAT She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Law. She has worked in the
Criminal Intelligence Unit  of the DPS in San Antonio for the past ten years.
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Ramirez "Ramon" Enrique Hunter
Caucasion/Mexican American.  Son of CO of MCAT San Antonio Charlie Team Commander, Teaspoon Hunter.  Brother-in-law of MCAT SAC
/ San Antiono, Samuel Cain.  32 yrs of Age .  14 years of service /San Antonio Police Department .  For the past three years, he worked as a
detective in Major Crimes. Transfered from MCAT/Denver
*introduced in MCAT Evolutions-