Bad Medicine
Your love is like bad medicine

“I’m sorry, Buck. I can’t leave him.”

Kathleen Devlin’s softly spoken words echoed through Buck Cross’s anguished mind as he lay upon his bunk in the darkened bunkhouse. His slumbering fellow
Pony Express riders were oblivious to the torment he was in. He never fell in love so hard and fast before, or lost it so soon right after he did.

It was a week ago today since he first laid eyes on the blond haired beauty, when Sweetwater hosted its annual Founder’s Day celebration. He and the others lined
up for the horse race they were all too eager to participate in when he spotted Kathleen. She was sitting in a marked off section of seats with what presumably was
her father along with the other town leaders in front of the saloon

His breath left him as he caught sight of her. She was dressed in a beautiful pink and cream dress that accentuated her slender curves, and highlighted the healthy
glow of her exquisite features. Her blonde curls were arranged in a golden halo and were topped off by a perky hat made up of the same materials as her dress.

Their eyes met and held across the short distance that separated them for a moment, and then she had smiled at him. He swore her smile could light up even the
darkest of skies with its beauty. It took quite an effort on his part to draw his attention away from her and to William Tompkins, who had been delegated to explain
the rules of the race. When Tompkins announced that Kathleen would present the winner of the race with a twenty dollar gold

piece and a silver trophy cup, Buck decided then and there he was going to win the race.
He won it all right, much to chagrin of the other participants. His fellow riders all good-naturedly cheered him on as he swung off of the back of his mount and started
toward the little stage where he would receive his winnings. His heart did a somersault as he reached the stage and walked up thesteps to where Kathleen stood
awaiting his arrival.

Kathleen was even more beautiful up close, than she was at a distance. Her blue eyes gazed into his own with such intensity, that Buck felt the impact clear to his
soul. He was mesmerized by her beauty as she handed him the gold coin and trophy cup. He wasn’t the only one surprised by Kathleen’s actions when the young
woman leaned forward and kissed him on one cheek, and then the other.

Later that same day, when he and the other riders prepared to leave with Teaspoon Hunter and Emma Shannon, Kathleen approached him. With a signal from
Teaspoon they would wait for him, Buck stepped away with Kathleen so they could talk in private. It was then that Kathleen told him how much she enjoyed his riding
abilities, and asked him if he would be willing to give her private riding lessons. Buck had readily agreed, and they set the first one for the following afternoon.

Buck soon learned Kathleen was a fine horsewoman and didn’t need any riding lessons at all. She assured him she really wanted to get to know him, but didn’t know
how to go about doing so without looking too forward. Her reason for her small deception seemed reasonable one to him. Since he hoped for a valid excuse to get
to know her better, Buck forgave her duplicity.

He wished he knew then lying was something that came naturally to Kathleen. She did it with an ease that came only with practice, but he had been blinded by his
strong attraction to her that quickly turned into love. From that first day on, they spent as much time together as his Pony Express responsibilities allowed him too.
He even suffered through the humiliation and degradation of being tarred and feathered by a couple of Jack Devlin’s henchmen for her.

They warned him to stay away from Kathleen, especially a stuck up fellow named Rance Ellis, but Buck wasn’t one to give up on something he thought was worth
fighting for. He soon learned what a fool he had been for believing anything that Kathleen said to him. Only a few short hours earlier Kathleen had pleaded with him
to take her away from Sweetwater.

There was only a moment’s hesitation on his part at the thought of leaving Sweetwater without saying goodbye to Ike and the others, before he had willingly agreed
to do so. Rance Ellis and the other men who worked for Kathleen’s father had ambushed them before they could get too far from town. Buck was prepared to fight
to the death to keep Kathleen with him, but she had suddenly turned on him and told him he was a fool and ran to Rance. Surprise and pain and flooded through
Buck as Devlin’s men prepared to kill him. When his fellow riders showed up and saved him, Buck had never been so grateful to see anyone in his life.

While the other riders kept the men at bay, Buck quickly mounted his horse and raced after Rance and Kathleen who were headed back to the Devlin’s ranch. Buck
arrived at the homestead just in time to keep Rance from killing Jack Devlin. As her father lay bleeding in her arms, Kathleen had confessed that her time spent with
Buck had all been a ruse to get him to fire Rance, so it would only be the two of them.

Buck’s heart broke in two as he realized he had only been a pawn in her game. He yanked the chain holding the gold cross that she gave him to wear on the first
day from around his neck, tossed it onto the floor and left. He knew he wasn’t the first man to have been poisoned by the love of a woman who was only out to get
what she wanted, regardless of whom she hurt, but that knowledge didn’t take away the heartache he felt.

Kathleen’s love was like bad medicine to him. It was a poisonous, alluring elixir, as whiskey was to his fellow Kiowa’s. He realized he was very fortunate to have come
away from the relationship unscathed. He didn’t like to think how close he had come to losing everything he held dear to him, including his life, due to her diseased
love. He was glad he had learned of her treacherous ways before all was lost. It would take some time, but Buck knew he would succeed in purging himself of
Kathleen’s memory, and be able to love again.

Born to Be my Baby
You Were Born to Be My Baby,
And Baby I Was Born To Be Your Man

Kid stared heatedly down into the beautiful face of his new wife, Louise, as he joined them together. Lou’s dark eyes fluttered closed for a moment as she relished
the sensuous sensations coursing through her in reaction to their bodies becoming one.

“We were made to be together Lou. You were born to be my baby.” Kid whispered huskily in Lou’s ear as they began to move together.

Lou gazed lovingly up at him, one slender hand reaching up to cup his strong chin. “And you were made to be my man.”

Electricity sparked between them as they moved in unison with one another. Hands and mouths roamed over glistening skin as they rode the waves of passion
toward a skyrocketing climax that left them both sated.

As they lay together in the hotel bed, where they were spending their honeymoon, their limbs intertwined, Lou felt tears of happiness fill her eyes. She was still
having trouble believing that she and Kid were finally married. They had faced so many hardships and obstacles during the course of their relationship that Lou had
almost given up on them ever being together.

Yet, here they were. They were married at last and she silently vowed that she would do everything she possibly could to make sure nothing ever broke them up

It’s My Life

William F. Cody approached the Rock Creek Pony Express Waystation slowly. He wasn’t looking forward to the argument he knew was going to take place as soon
as the rest of the members of his family knew he had signed up to be a scout for the Union Army. Aloysius ‘Teaspoon’ Hunter was agitated enough that one of his
old friends was in town recruiting young men for the upcoming battle that grew increasingly closer with each passing day.

As he neared the bunkhouse, he could hear a heated conversation coming from inside. He recognized them as belonging to Teaspoon, Jesse James, and Noah
Dixon. Another male voice joined the heated debate, Buck Cross’s. Buck was the peacemaker of the bunch, and Cody could just make out his words telling the
others to stop fighting.

He wasn’t looking forward to facing them, but the blond rider wasn’t about to back down from what he thought was right either. War was coming and whether they all
liked it or not it was time for them to choose sides. He made his choice and he was going to live by it, no matter what anyone else thought. It was his life and he had
a right to live it the way he deemed best.


The argument inside came to a close by the time he entered the bunkhouse. Teaspoon, Buck, Jesse, and Noah fell silent and all turned their attention on Cody as
he entered. He watched Teaspoon carefully eye the new ridding boots and leather gloves he carried in his arms and knew the Marshal wouldn’t be too pleased to
learn how he got them.

“That’s a pretty fancy pair of boots you got there?” Teaspoon asked, stepping closer to the blond rider.

“Nice gloves too. “ Buck pointed to the pair. “Where did you get them?”

Cody glanced down at the boots and gloves he had bought with his Army advance. “I bought them in town.”

“How did you get the money?” Noah Dixon frowned. “You’ve been borrowing off me for weeks?”

“Let’s just say it’s an advance.”

Buck leaned forward onto the table. “What kind of an advance?”

Cody sighed. “I signed up for the Army today, Teaspoon. Captain Earbach’s going to use me as a scout.”

Buck cast Cody a disapproving glare as he suddenly exited the bunkhouse. Noah hung his head, and Jesse withdrew his startled gaze off Cody and on Teaspoon
as the Rock Creek marshal uttered the words, “Merciful God.”

Cody sighed as he seated himself at the table. Why couldn’t Teaspoon understand he was a man and perfectly capable of making his own decisions?

“Noah, Jesse, I’d like to talk to Cody in private.”

Noah nodded and departed the bunkhouse, taking a reluctant Jesse with him. Rachel, who had just returned from Tompkins store, entered the bunkhouse a few
moments later. It was obvious by the worried expression on her face that someone had waylaid the housekeeper outside and filled her in on what he had done.

“Is it true, Cody?” Rachel placed her hands on her hips. “Did you join the army?”


“How could you sign up without talking to me and Teaspoon about it first?”

“It’s my life!” Cody snapped. “I have the right to make my own decisions, whether you agree with them or not!”

“I don’t know how you could have done something so foolish!” Teaspoon bellowed.

“Maybe it’s foolish to you Teaspoon, but to me it’s my duty.”

“Is that what the recruiter’s been saying?” Rachel’s voice faltered.

Cody rolled his eyes. “Look, he ain’t told me anything I don’t already know.”

“You don’t have the faintest idea what it is going to be like out there!” Teaspoon said, leveling an intense look on Cody.

Cody stood up, his new boots dropping on the floor with a thump, as he met the older man’s blue eyes. “You’re right, I don’t know what it is going to be like out
there, but I don know what it is going to be like around here Teaspoon. The Pony Express is dying. They’re stringing up those lines for the telegraph faster than we
can ever ride. Soon there ain’t going to be no need for waystations, or mochillas, Teaspoon. Listen to me, everyone in the whole town is ready to sign up. I don’t
understand why you two are so upset with me.”

“Because we care about you, Cody,” Rachel put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it slightly. “Both of us do.”

“Well you ain’t my folks. So stop acting like it.” Cody shrugged her hand off his shoulder and moved towards the door.

“Cody,” Rachel called after him.

The blonde rider opened the door, but paused and turned to look at Rachel and Teaspoon.

“I’m sorry if my decision has hurt either of you, but it’s my life and I’m going to live it the way I want to. “

Cody didn’t give the housekeeper or the Marshal a chance to reply, but walked out of the bunkhouse, closing the door behind him.

Lay Your Hands on Me

Louise McCloud lay awake upon her bunk in the bunkhouse on the Rock Creek Waystation and couldn’t stop thinking about the Kid. The chestnut-haired, blue eyed
Virginian who caught her attention the first moment she laid eyes on him in Sweetwater. He was soft-spoken, confident, and seemed to genuinely like folks, even if
he did always keep to himself at first.

She hadn’t been exactly outspoken herself either, back then. She tried so hard to keep her true identity a secret beneath the short haircut, wire glasses, and men’s
clothing. Getting hired on as a Pony Express rider had been a stroke of luck for her, and she didn’t want to do anything to possibly get her fired. Or maybe;
jeopardize the job she came to love so much.

It was Kid who first came to know her secret. She was wounded by some outlaws on a ride, and it was Kid who found her. There had been more than a few moments
of awkwardness that settled between them, after Kid lifted her shirt to examine her wound. He was confronted with features he didn’t expect to find on a young boy.
Kid’s cheeks flamed immediately; making him look all the more adorable and she secretly was delighted.

After that day, she and Kid began to spend a lot of time together. They made good use of every opportunity that presented itself for the two of them to spend some
time alone. It was nice to have someone to talk to without being worried about giving her secret. Kid seemed to enjoy the shy glances, quiet conversations and
stolen kisses as much as she had, if not more.

Eventually the other riders learned that she was a girl, and much to her delight, they swore to keep her secret as well. Steadily the friendship with Kid gradually
deepened into love and she found it increasingly difficult to be around the Virginian without wanting to touch him.

She wondered if Kid experienced the same turbulent emotions she did about him. Suddenly she felt the need to lay eyes upon him and turned over on her side so
she could glance down onto the bunk below hers. A hot shiver raced down her body as she saw that not only was Kid awake, but he held a dark desire in his blue
eyes that told her all that she needed to know.

Lou rolled onto her back and felt warmth fill her that had nothing to do with the fire burning in the stove, and everything to do with the look Kid just gave her. She
didn’t know how she was ever going to be able to sleep, now that she had seen the undisguised look in Kid’s eyes. She didn’t know how much longer she could
survive without having him lay his hands on her in the intimate ways a man was suppose to touch the woman that he loved. That he would take her to a sacred
place that belonged to only the two of them.

The first thread of morning light was seeped through the cracks in the wooden structure, before the female rider’s wanton thoughts relented enough to allow her to
fall asleep.

Livin’ on a Prayer
Once Upon a Time
Not so long ago

Louise McCloud Kidrickson stroked the frame of the dusty tintype holding a picture of her and Kid at their wedding with a gnarled finger. Marrying Kid had been one
of the happiest days of her life. The two of them experienced a lot of obstacles in their relationship, before they finally married. During the time that they were apart,
Lou learned that she was pregnant. Instead of telling him about the baby they made together, she kept it a secret, and subsequently lost it. It was during the time
that she was recuperating from the miscarriage that they found their way back to each other.

Their reunion was almost torn apart for good, when the brother of Kid’s first lover arrived in Rock Creek with an infant girl in his arms who he claimed was Kid’s. Lou
didn’t know who had been more surprised at this latest turn of events, her or Kid. One look into Katerina Odella’s cherubic face had been enough for them both to
know the sweet little girl was indeed Kid’s. She had his cerulean blue eyes.

There were some tough decisions to make that first night after Katrina was left with them. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know about Odella. When they first started getting
serious, Kid told her about Odella and the fact that he and the young widow consummated their love for one another. It took place in the summer of the same year
they all signed up for the Pony Express. Neither of them expected the complication of a baby they were suddenly asked to care for.

Katerina quickly won her over though, and their plans to spend the rest of their lives together were cemented. Looking back now, Lou couldn’t even contemplate not
having Katrina in their lives. Their eldest daughter was a beautiful person inside and out, and Lou loved her equally as much as she loved the rest of their children.

Having Katie, as she was called by family and close friends, to love and care for during the long period of times she and Kid were separated from each other after
he joined up with the Confederate Army, was a blessing to Lou; especially after she lost another child shortly after they arrived in Virginia.

Those four years were filled with anxiousness and longing, heartache and joy, anger and tenderness, emptiness and fulfillment. Lou was finally able to carry a baby
to full term in the second year of the Civil War, and it was a glorious day when Kid’s boy arrived safe and sound. Jeremiah Lewis Kidrickson was the spitting image of
his daddy, with chestnut curls, dimpled mouth, and cerulean blue eyes.

In the following years, they were blessed with two more daughters, and three more sons. Their children were what got them through the difficult times. Jimmy’s
murder had practically been their undoing. She wanted to seek revenge against the man who had taken their dearest friend away from them. Although Kid had
shared the same thoughts at the time, he knew that killing Jack McCall wouldn’t accomplish anything. No matter what they did, nothing was going to bring Jimmy
back, and finally he managed to convince Lou of that.

Rachel’s death from pneumonia at such an early age surprised them all. It didn’t surprise anyone when Teaspoon died a short year after his precious wife died. The
PX family had buried them next to one another. Sariah Hunter Alden was grateful to them for all of their support during the trying time after both of her parents
passed. Lou drew Sariah under her wing, realizing just how bereft Sariah was at losing her two parents so close together.

Lou knew how Teaspoon felt after Rachel was taken from him. Her own sweet Kid succumbed to a fever only last winter, and it took all of the willpower she could
muster, to go on with life without him. Her daughters began to hover ever closer to her, fearing that she would follow after their father. Although Lou understood
their reasoning behind it, she snapped one day and told them if they didn’t stop smothering her she was going to pack a valise and head out on her own

Tears and admissions followed shortly afterwards her outbursts. After they had cleared the air between them, things were better between Lou and her children.
Although her daughters tended to check on her more often than before their father’s death, they respected her wishes, and never hovered over her again.

Today was her 80th birthday. Lou didn’t feel much older than she had when she stood with Kid in their wedding finery and had the tintype taken. Although a lot of
time passed since that wonderful day when they were joined in marriage, Louise felt as if it all happened only yesterday.

Wanted Dead or Alive
I'm wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive

Jesse James ran through the encroaching darkness, clutching one hand to his wounded side, the other holding firmly to his six-shooter. He was in an all out run
toward the designated rendezvous site he, Frank, and Cole Younger had agreed upon earlier that day. He wondered if any of the others in the gang had managed
to escape the mixed group of vigilantes and Pinkerton detectives who ambushed them as they robbed the Northfield Bank.

His racing mind, alert to the nearby shadows and sounds of the night, was still reeling with how quickly everything went bad. There was the usual meticulous
planning done by him, Frank, and Cole a few days before the robbery took place. Trusted men were paid to go into the bank to case it, and then report back to
them all the little details they needed to pull off a successful heist.

They made sure each of the gang members: Jim and Bob Younger, Lonnie Packwood, Clell Miller knew precisely what their jobs in the robbery would consist of. As
per their usual way of doing things, he, Frank, and Cole were the only members to enter the bank and conduct business.

Always before their robberies went over without a single hitch, but Jesse supposed their luck had to run out sooner or later. He had hoped that it would be sometime
in the future. He had entered into this robbery thinking only of obtaining enough money so that he and Zerelda Mimms could get married and start their life together.
Zee was about the prettiest thing he had ever seen, and he couldn’t wait to make her his permanently.

Now, with him on the run again, and with hardly any money in his pocket, Jesse’s plans of getting married were halted. Self-preservation came first, next to finding
out what had happened to Frank and the others. He had personally seen both Clell Miller and Lonnie Packwood killed, but he didn’t have any idea whether his
brother or the Youngers had survived.

He wasn’t a praying man by nature, but he found himself doing so right then. He didn’t pray for his own safety, but for Frank’s and the Younger brothers. He didn’t
want to think about the possibility that his brother was dead, so he decided to focus his attention instead on reaching the hideout.

Jesse didn’t know whether to be relieved or scared when he noticed the flickering light of a fire dancing off the stone walls of the old miner’s shaft, as he neared the
hideout. He hoped the golden glow meant that one or more of his gang members had managed to escape from the posse that was after them. The injured outlaw
knew there was a strong likelihood that someone had either been coerced into leading the Pinkerton’s back to their hideout to setup an ambush for the rest of the
members, or was caught just as they had arrived at it. He slowed his movements and approached the entrance to the mine shaft with caution, not wanting to be
caught off-guard.

Jesse placed his back against one wall of the shaft entrance, and edged closer to the opening, gun at the ready for anyone that might spring out of it at him. He
took a deep breath and started to step into the entranceway, when a sharp whistle pierced the night air, and he froze in place. A second, softer whistle rapidly
followed the first, and Jesse felt relief flood over him.



Jesse cleared the entrance and found himself swept into a bear hug by his brother. He gasped aloud as pain sliced through his body from the pressure Frank’s arm
placed against his wounded side.

Frank immediately released his brother, concern flooding over his face as he realized Jesse was hurt. “How bad is it?”

“Just a flesh wound, I think.” Jesse responded as he moved further into the shaft and settled himself slowly onto the ground near the fire.

“Let me check it out.” Frank crouched down beside his brother and helped Jesse remove his blood soaked shirt.

Gently the older James brother probed the gunshot wound that his brother was inflicted with, wincing at the pained gasps Jesse made in response to his
examination. Frank was relieved to find the wound had only damaged skin and muscle, before it exited Jesse’s flesh.

“It’s a flesh wound just like you thought, Jesse,” Frank told his brother. “It won’t take me long to get you patched up. You’ll be sore for awhile though.”

“Better sore than dead,” Jesse replied. “You best get to the patching before I bleed all over the place.”

Frank nodded. He dug into the supplies the gang had stored up in the back of the shaft, and found the necessary materials he would need to fix Jesse up. He
handed Jesse a bottle of whiskey which was with the rest of the supplies, and the younger James brother took the bottle gratefully.

Jesse pulled the cork out with his teeth, spit it out, and then took a long swig of the amber liquid. He gasped as the rotgut burned a path down his throat and into his
stomach. He waited a couple of moments, before taking another drink of the whiskey, before handing the bottle to Frank. Jesse nodded his consent for his brother
to begin the procedure necessary to fix him up.

Frank took a deep breath and then poured a liberal amount of the whiskey onto the open wound in his brother’s side. He winced as Jesse’s agonizing scream
echoed through the mine shaft, but did not let it deter him from doing what was necessary. He worked quickly to first clean out the wound, and then sew it up with a
fishing hook and coarse thread.

By the time Frank was finished, Jesse had passed out from the pain, and he was sweating profusely. He tossed the soiled rags he had used into the fire, cleaned
his hands and face, and then settled himself into a protective position in front of his younger brother, and closed his eyes.

Neither brother slept much that night. Jesse couldn’t find a comfortable position on the hard ground. Frank awoke to every little moan his brother made, as well as
any sound he heard from outside the mine shaft’s entrance.

In the dim light streaming in through the shaft’s entrance, Frank was able to tell Jesse was pale, but not feverish, and for that he was thankful. He took it as a good
sign that no infection had sunk in during the night. Frank debated about starting another fire, not wanting to alert any of the posse members to their location, but
knew if they were going to head out of the area, Jesse was going to need a hot meal to replenish his waning energy.

It didn’t take him long to start the fire and make a meal which consisted of canned beans, chewy biscuits, and strong coffee to choke it down. Frank made Jesse a
plate and handed it to his brother.

“I don’t expect it’s going to taste anywhere near as good as Ma’s, but it’s hot and filling.”

Jesse smiled wanly at him. “After not eating anything all night, it might just taste like heaven to me.”

Frank chuckled, and then dug into his own plate of food.

As soon as the meal was over, Frank gathered up supplies for the two of them to take with them, and then the James brothers made their getaway. Neither of them
knew what the next hour, let alone the next day would have in store for them, but they were determined to do their best to slip through the closing nooses of the
Pinkerton’s and make their way back home to Missouri and freedom.

You Give Love a Bad Name
Shot Through the heart
And you’re to blame
You give love a bad name

James Butler Hickok stood outside the Sweetwater jail and waited for the U.S. Marshal to escort Sarah Downs outside. He wasn’t alone. His two closest friends and
fellow Pony Express riders, the Kid and Louise McCloud, had accompanied him into town.

The trio didn’t have long to wait until the jail door opened and two men appeared. One was tall with sandy brown hair and lithe figure, the other was short and stocky
with dark hair and squinty eyes. There was a woman between them. She had brown curly hair, brown eyes, and a slender form. Small cuts and abrasions still
marred her beautiful features from when her horse had dragged her a few days earlier. Her hands were shackled in irons in front of her.


Sweetwater Marshal, Sam Cain, the taller of the two men escorting Sarah down the steps, stopped walking and glanced over to where the trio of riders stood. His
two companions halted their forward motions as well.

“Can I talk to her for a minute?” Jimmy walked over to where Sam, Sarah, and the marshal stood. “Alone?”

“Sure, Jimmy,” Sam said and motioned to the marshal with his head. The two men stepped away so that Jimmy could speak to Sarah privately.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Sarah told Jimmy, keeping her head averted.

“Why?” Jimmy asked.

“What do you mean?” Sarah turned her head to look at him. “It was just business. Don’t think it was anything more.”

“You’re lying,” Jimmy said, touching her arm.

“And you think too much of yourself.”

Jimmy felt her cold words like acid burning its way through his body. Even though he knew he had only been a part of her scheme, it did not change the fact that he
had loved her. Still loved her despite what she had put him through. He had almost hung because of her, yet he couldn’t bring himself to hate her.

“But I loved you. “ he told her, gazing into her face, searching for any sign of the love he felt inside himself reflecting back at him, but found only anger shining back
at him.

“Then you are a bigger fool than I thought.”

Silence fell between them. There wasn’t anything more to say and both of them knew it.

“Marshal, let’s go.” Sarah said and walked away from Jimmy.

The U.S. Marshal escorted Sarah over to the stagecoach and helped her inside, before climbing in behind her. Jimmy watched until the stagecoach disappeared out
of sight.

Lou and Kid approached Jimmy, wanting to offer him their support as he grieved for the lost love he and Sarah had shared.

“Are you all right?” Kid asked softly.

Jimmy shook his head. “No, but I’ll be okay.”

Even as he said the words to Kid, Hickok hoped they were true. He certainly didn’t feel as if he was going to be okay with his heart shattered into a million fragments
around his feet. He didn’t know if he would ever love again now that Sarah had given love a bad name.
  • Bad Medicine

  • Born To Be my Baby

  • It's my Life

  • Lay Your Hands on Me

  • Livin' on a Prayer

  • Wanter Dead or Alive

  • You Give Love a Bad Name

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