Southern Breeze

Maxine Rae Bowdrie spent twenty years in the Navy as a nurse. After retiring from the service she has been a
nanny, home health care worker, and was a teacher at daycare center in Georgia. With no other living family, she
moved to Denver to be close to her sister 'Gunny' Montgomery and was introduced to the Tanners. She originally
took the job as caregiver for the family to stay close to her sister, but she quickly  'adopted' the family as her own,
and found her place with the Wild Bunch. Max met Walter Andrews at Vin's home and soon she and Walter were
a couple and surrogate grandparents to the children of L7. They were married December the 9th, and have built a
home near the Tanners.
Max trained with Dorothy (Dottie) Morris as a nurse in the Navy. While Max made the service a career, Dottie
went back to civilian life and specialized in pediatric care. A widow with no children, she has dedicated her life
to caring for children. She had impeccable references and was capable of handling a newborn. Chris had one
meeting with the grandmotherly lady, and after watching how she interacted with Grace he hired her as a
full-time caregiver for Grace and Cody. Recently diagnosed with heart problem, she is now back working part-time
at Reins Daycare.
Colonel Michael Tai was born in California to Asian parents and spent a good portion of his adult life in the
military. He saw plenty of fighting action in Vietnam, and Desert Storm as a Navy Seal. When he was still fairly wet
behind the ears, he met and married Yusira Chi and they were very happy. Unfortunately, the two of them were
never able to become parents. When he was 37 years old, tragedy struck. Yusira developed a very rare type of
cancer, and died only a few months later. Col. Tai was devastated at the loss of his soulmate and began to drink
very heavily. His work suffered drastically and instead of being dishonorably discharged, his superiors instead
gave him the option for an early retirement with benefits and he took it.
He found Alcoholic's Anonymous a short time later and has been clean and sober ever since. He opened a private
investagation/ personal security business, using  his experience from his extensive military training, and has been
fairly prosperous  over the last 18 years. Although he has never had an addition to any form of drugs, he often
attends NA meetings as well as his AA one's and has been the sponsor for a couple of people over the years in
both, and that is where he meets Chris Larabee for the first time.

George Ramos has been the head wrangler/livestock manager, of Larabee 7 for the past twelve years.
He learned from his father about horses and has spent his life working with them. Chris and Vin credit
George for making the Larabee 7 breeding program a success. Angelo Lopez was recently hired on
George's recommendation to work with the yearlings.

EAP is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, in other words horses are used as an aide to work with youth and teens with emotional and
behavioral problems.  The youths are provided with the experiential learning working with horses provides.  They also learn a
variety of skills which can be transferred over into many different situations in

Learning to Ride  
On the surface the program looks relatively simple, with the participants learning to ride and take care of a horse.  They are taught
basic skills such as grooming, riding, taking care of the horse, the parts of the horse and the tack.  However, they are also learning to
build to trust, relationships, self confidence, team work, responsibility, assertiveness, communication, respect, self-control and a
multitude of other skills.

Those who may benefit from the program:
* Abuse issues, sexual, verbal and physical
* Violence and neglect
* Substance abusers
* Lack of self esteem, confidence and respect
* Poor listening skills
* Attention Deficit problems
* Lack of trust
* Poor relationship skills
* Attachment problems
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Poor communication
*Unresponsive to traditional therapies

They begin the program in the on campus school, where they participate in therapeutic groups.  This includes the Equine Therapy
group.  As they progress and work on their issues they begin to help to teach others in the groups and to participate in expanded
programs.  Some may progress with their riding skills to ride in shows, in parades, or to work as wranglers in ranch activities.

The 3000 acre, Southern Breeze Ranch joins Larabee 7 to the east. Matthew Glen Dubois is now the sole owner of the Breeze after
buying out his siblings' interest. Also a veterinarian, Matt is planting his roots in Colorado. He plans to stay close by as his niece
Grace and nephew Cody grow up. The day to day activities of the ranch he leaves to his foreman and general manager,  Ben Watson.
Ben, and his wife Martha have been employed by the Dubois family for over twenty-five years, consider themselves part of the
family, and take pride in caring for Matt, his home, and his thoroughbreds.

Matt is the rebel of the Dubois brothers. He resisted the demands to join them in the professional world  of law or medicine, and
stayed true to his love of animals. Buying the Southern Breeze was his statement of independence to live his life, his way.

Camp Larabee was built as part of the increased security program on Larabee 7. Disguised as barns, the buildings
are actually a mini-MCAT complex to be used as an alternate to their regular offices or in case of emergency
situation. Included are computer and satellite facilities, training rooms, and living quarters as well as rooms for
conferences. A helipad and emergency escape routes were also incorporated into the plans.
Caitlyn Abigail was born  in England to, Donald and  Lillian  Kerr.

Her parents moved to the United States shortly after her birth and own a horse farm in Virginia.(now relocated in Colorado)  Being
raised on a farm, Caitlyn grew up as an animal lover. She was especially fond of horses, her favorite being her current bay mare
named Moon Shadow.  

She decided at a very early age that she wanted to be a veterinarian, and worked hard in high school to achieve the grades she
needed to get a scholarship to go to college.  Once in college, her interests where animals were concerned changed a bit.  During a
psychology class that she had to take to fulfill her degree requirements, she learned of the promising effects that animals, especially
horses had on handicapped, abused or mentally challenged adults and children.  It was then and there, that she decided to get a
College was also where she met Stephen Broderick. He was a tall, handsome young man whose goal was to be a veterinarian.  The
two were inseparable almost from the start, and were married while still in college.  Less then a year later, their son William (Billy)
was born.  He was followed two years later by their daughter Amanda (Mandy).  Sadly, the happy life that Caitlyn had found was
destroyed when a drunk driver crossed the meridian and hit their car head on. Stephen, Billy, and Amanda were killed instantly,
and Caitlyn was seriously injured.

Through hard work, a strong will, and long recovery, Caitlyn eventually pulled her life together.  Determined to make Stephen and
their children proud of her, she has continued to work hard to earn her PHD, and fulfill her dream.  Now, thanks the generosity of
the Wild Bunch of their land and time, her dream is finally  a reality.
Camp Larabee
Reins of Change
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Larabee 7
Wild Bunch Plus
Matt Dubois
Walter Lee Andrews was a marine for ten years before leaving the service and returning home to Texas. He joined
the police department in San Antonio, and was a cop for twenty-five years. He first met Kelli when she was her
case even after he retired, and was instrumental in helping her find out the truth about her past. Chris called and
offered him the job as head of security for Larabee7.
Dr. Caitlyn Broderick PhD. ~ Founder, Reins of Change
Matt Dubois and Chris Larabee along with his brothers contributed the land that lay between the Southern Breeze and L7 for Reins
and the Wild Bunch jumped in to help with the building of three barns, a main house, a dormitory, and a large storage facility.
Barbara, a successful  children's rights attorney is advisor and legal representative for them.  Rain Jackson became their resident
doctor and made a presentation to the board of Denver Memorial to sponsor their non-profit group.  Inez Wilmington keeps the
books.  Ezra handles the main fund raising operations and all of the Larabee clan donate part of their free time to Reins.  Collage
students majoring in psychology work as volunteers.
Inez Wilmington ~ bookkeeper
Ezra Standish~ Investment counselor and fund raiser
CPS ~ Carmen Johnson
Willard Robard ~ Horse wrangler
Sally Reeder ~ Daycare manager
Daycare Teacher -Tess McCall
Cordelia Thomas

Dr. Caitlyn Broderick PhD. ~Founder, Reins of Change
Shelly Foster ~ Girl's counselor/teacher
Tony Rodriguez ~ Boy's counselor/teacher
Rain Jackson ~ Resident doctor & coordinates with Denver Memorial Hospital
Barbara Lindsey-Standish ~  Children's rights attorney
Tess McCall- Teacher and supervisor
The MCAT AU was  created by Tannertexaslady.  Also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Note:  I'm a Texan, born and raised.  I speak Texan, understand it, and write it as I know it.   
I've found only two things that last to the end
One is your heroes the other your friends
My heart rides the range with my heroes and friends
Your heroes will help you find good in yourself
Your friends won't forsake you for somebody else.
They'll both stand beside you thru thick and thru thin
And that's how it goes with heroes and friends *

* Lyric from Randy Travis 'Heroes and Friends
Not much is known about the man who goes by the name of Raven. He allegedly works covert ops for the CIA and
has ties to Vin Tanner. He was instrumental in keeping Vin alive when he was undercover with the RMR.
His true identity is revealed in Purgatory.
****Louisa has been the housekeeper for Chris for years. Her niece Mila is now working with Max at the Tanners***
Sold to L7
Moved to
Louise and Paul McCall are Tess' parents from Washington State. Paul is retired from
the Seattle PD after twenty-five years on the force.

Lousie, mother of three, Micah, Susan, and Tess. Retired teacher.

Both are interested in Reins of Change and moving to Colorado.
I'm Charlene Leighton, Max's friend, but everyone calls me Charlie.I've been a nurse for 35 years. Twenty of those years, I
served our great country. After my discharge, honorably of course, I transferred my skills to a career in the private sector.  I've
worked with clients aged 2 months to 99 years and I dedicate myself to my charges 100%.  I'm a soft touch when it comes to
children though. Each is a miracle from the Almighty!"