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Rain Jackson introduced Josiah to Mallory Anne Brennan seven years ago, at a family get together at Larabee 7. The
eldest of the seven chosen brothers, Josiah began to think he would go through the rest of his life as a single man
until he met Mallory. He found he rather enjoyed her laugh, quick wit, and the fact that she was also an Federal
agent, and understood both the highlights and downfalls, as well as the hazards of the job.  After a brief courtship,
they were married and bought a home adjacent to Larabee 7.  Neither of them expected to start a family at their
ages, but they were pleasantly surprised when they welcomed their daughter Joanne into the world a year after they
were married.

Four years later they  were doubly blessed when their son, Adam joined the family. Mallory made the decision, with
Josiah's support, to quit the ATF and become a full-time mom. She wanted their children to have the benefits of
having at least one of their parents home at least until they were older. Recently Mallory decided that she wanted to
go back to work when Joanne started school, and took her law enforcement background into a new direction. She
trained on CASSIE as a computer tech for MCAT and has never regretted giving up active field work.

Josiah is an avid reader and a perpetual student of life. His quest for knowledge is insatiable and only adds to his
skills as a profiler. He has one sister, Hannah, who is mentally ill and is confined to a hospital close by.
Ezra Standish has been a Vice cop, an FBI Agent, and one of the best covert operatives in the country. However,
aside from his mother, Maude, who he only saw at her convenience, he was alone.  A solitary and lonely childhood
molded him into a man who lived his life concealing his true self from others. Finding a family with six brothers
was more than he ever expected. Upon the Tanners introducing him to Barbara Delaney Lindsey at a CASA
meeting Ezra realized his life was about to change in a way he never expected. Barbara is an attorney who
specializes in cases involving children. She comes from an affluent background, but spent most of her childhood in
private schools, while her parents traveled the world. One coffee date led to another. Eventually the new couple
ended up sharing Ezra's posh townhouse in Denver. The two became engaged soon after they began living with
each other, and have since married.  Barbara and Ezra built a home adjacent to Larabee 7 and both have been
instrumental in bringing Reins of Change to the ranch.
JD and Casey married and moved in with her Aunt Nettie on her ranch, adjacent to Larabee 7, to assist the older
woman. JD Dunne was Casey Teresa Well's first love. They were given a double blessing when fraternal twins, Daisy
and Lilah were born . Their third child, JJ, has now joined the family.

Unfortunately, JD and Casey recently parted ways, and have filed for divorce. Casey moved to Arizona with Nettie,
leaving JD to raise their three children. Last year both Casey and Nettie died.

After a few missteps, JD found his groove as a single dad, built a new home and opened himself up to a new friendship.

Tess and JD married March 31st and through mutual adoption all four children are Dunnes. Her parents, Louise and
Paul McCall are now Mom and Dad.

When JD steps away from the computer his interests turn to sports and outdoor activities. Rock climbing and skiing are
at the top of his list of favorite things to do.
Once Rain finished medical school and was past her internship, she and Nathan began to discuss marriage and
their future together.  They did marry, and when they found out Rain was pregnant, they built their home on
Larabee 7 Nathanial Elias and Rain Elizabeth had been a couple for years, sharing a home in Denver while she
attended property. Terrell Nathaniel arrived just two weeks after their dream home was finished. Recently, Rain
decided to give up her clinic work and take the position as full-time doctor for Reins of Change after the Jacksons
adopted a second child, Ronesha Jewel.
Returning to school last year, Nathan added forensic investigation techniques to his medical knowledge. As liaison
to the forensics department at MCAT, his medical interest have expanded and he is considering pursuing a degree
in forensic science.
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Louise and Paul McCall