Excerpts: Code of Honor:

>*The book tells us ‘how’ to live, it’s time you know ‘why’.* Cowboy turned to hand the book to
As Josiah reached out to take the book their hands touched, the room darkened and time ceased
to exist. Images of other lives and times crossed between them. Memories unlocked and flooded
into Josiah’s mind as unwritten words revealed their history:

*We come from spiritual people who were poets, musicians, storytellers, seers, scribes, folk
healers, and priests. It was a world filled with romance, heroism, vision, and honor. We were all
great warriors and brothers by blood.  Dark forces of iniquity used the power of sorcery to destroy
our physical bonds in the earthly realm, believing it would end our quest for righteousness. They
were mistaken.

Fate bestowed the power upon us to transform throughout time and carry on the fight. The
undying bonds of fidelity we share permit our souls to reunite in altered incarnations, always
with a new quest to serve for the greater good of humanity.

Scenes rushed through his mind of kindred spirits perpetually united. We were there to witness
the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. We stood shoulder to shoulder in fierce Viking battles, rode
across the mystical lands of Camelot, sailed the seven seas, and fought side by side during the
turbulent American Revolution. Once more, we connected in nineteenth century America. The
charge of taming the western territories after the civil war, called for men who wielded the heart
and strength of warriors who possess an innate sense of right and wrong. We were there, now we
are here to guide all of you as others guided us. At the end of each life’s quest, our precious
recollections of the past recede into the mist of time to await their next call.

Reborn as strangers, we reunite with one another time after time, never again related by blood, or
by name, but always as brothers of spirit and heart. Each life is distinct, but once we acquire our
predestined awareness and hone our inherent skills, ‘the book’ reveals itself. When these
preordained elements of our existence are in place, correlated memories of our past begin to
rouse from their slumber in the mists.

The first memories to be unleashed belong to our eldest. Gather our brothers, Preacher. You now
have the knowledge to show them the pathway to the truth.*
'Legends of the Quest'  Code:

    >The quest for justice; be it triumphant or sorrowful, is an honorable pursuit.

    >Preservation of fidelity to our mates, to mentor and protect our children, and commitment
    to the bonds of unity, are all requisites, which link our past, present and future.

    >Choices, based on our inherent instincts, determine the paths of our destinies.

    >When one of our brethren suffers, we all experience the pain.

    >Diligence is necessary to sow harmony, metal strength, stability, and unlock connections.  
    When we allow precarious actions to dominate our lives, we only reap anger,
    misunderstanding, doubt, and closed minds.

    >Men of honor seek all truths, good or bad.  Confronting the bitter empowers strength,
    acknowledging the sweetest defeats weakness.

    >Revelations prepare the pathway for our enlightenment.  

    >When veiled portals are unlocked, our pasts merge and guide us to our future.  The key lies
    within us.

    >Unforeseen events provide us with opportunities to change our direction, which often clear
    the way for fate.

    >Breathe deeply, slow down your thinking, listen, and draw from the pool of tranquility in
    your soul.  Be still, and know.

    >Personal battles may be singular, but none of our brethren ever stands alone.  

    >Our past is the past.  Our future is what we choose to make it.

    >From the dark moments of our lives, clarity and understanding emerge.

    >Answers come freely when we listen to our hearts.

    >Our greatest responsibilities are to live honorably, love unconditionally and, learn

    >Awareness of the past empowers the present.  

    >Victory demands that all battles, whether they are physical or mental, need thorough
    preparation.  Do not compromise your principles, or abandon your cause.

    >Forces of good and evil do exist.  The battlefield may change, but the hostilities between the
    two continue.

    >Our code of honor binds us.  We exist to defend the righteous, and triumph against dark
    forces of iniquity.  In life we are mere mortals, in death, we are as one, awaiting the call to
    serve again.

    >Whenever needed, seven men, separated by generations, connected by blood, and bound by
    integrity, will ride this way again.  Their Code of Honor ordains it; their love for their brothers
    ensures it.

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For seven men, who share one destiny…their battles will continue
until evil perishes, and justice prevails.
*MOG created the original Team 7,  and the ATF AU
Chain of Seven
Seven Spirit Guides
Legend : Code of Honor
*The  Legend Chronicles AU created by Tannertexaslady,.
Recall and Awareness Quotations:

    >*We’ve all been through the process.  When certain events fall into place, recollections of
    our shared past begin to return. It starts with small things, like incomplete dreams, misused
    words, and flashes of déjà vu, when combined, create a short period of chaos in our lives.  
    Eventually, through that chaos, comes clarity. One by one, we receive our correlated
    memories; however, those are restrictive to our life as blood brothers, and the subsequent
    times we were together.

    >*No, you just have to believe, and listen to your hearts. Remembering doesn’t change who
    you are, it only strengthens the solidarity the seven of you have already formed. The others
    will still look to you to lead them, still fight for the causes they believe, and still live
    honorable lives.*

    *Recall and awareness,* Chris repeated Cowboys earlier words, *is it that simple?*

    *Yeah, it is.*

    *Nothing changes?*

    *Change, no, but the skills you all already possess will intensify. Josiah’s spiritual quest will
    bring him more answers. Vin’s innate senses will heighten and his visions become stronger,
    as will his connection to you. Nathan’s healing abilities will flourish and Ezra’s mental skills
    become sharper and more precise.  Buck will expand his role as guardian to become the
    guiding energy for you all. JD’s natural ability as an inquisitor will light the path to victory in
    the battles to come between good and evil.* Cowboy stood, walked over to Chris’s desk, and
    closed his journal. *Your mind has already recorded the events you are trying to explain.
    Quit questioning, and start listening. Your wisdom, Chris, is all they need, and it is you, who
    will lead ‘this’ assembly of seven warriors into the future.*

    >* Complete understanding of the gift fate bestowed to us, only comes once all seven find
    their key, and restores their histories. Until then, there is a restless period. Since we were
    blood brothers only once. When we retrieve our shared past, we also gained memory of our
    individual ancestor’s lives. In Vin’s case, the Tanner line, in yours, the Larabee line, and so
    on. Their experiences, feelings, and disappointments are not so easy to handle for some.*

    >*We are not the same person. You are my great-great grandson, and you carry the spirit of
    my soul within you. Our lives are unique to us in each incarnation. Even though our
    brotherhood, and lineage, connects us, my life was mine…, your life is yours.*

    >" The world needs men like y'all… men of honor and principle, to counter the existence of
    evil, especially now. It's the second reason we came and why you are all together in this
    time and space. Your greatest challenges still lay ahead. The Seven have always been and
    will always be… Their strength is yours to draw on. Embrace the past, cherish the future, and
    fight like hell for today. Make a better place for your children, and grandchildren. Their
    destiny is the same as yours and ours… to be allied by the timeless bonds of friendships and
    brotherhood which tie us all to our past and gifts us with the promise of tomorrow.*<
The promise  of our  legacy lives within us. We were, we are, and will be again .